Saturday, November 08, 2008

Skin of my chinny chin chin

I nearly forgot.
I am all ready for bed, just go the kids down - or so we think.
I was getting all my stuff ready for tomorrow and I saw my laptop sitting there and remembered.

So here I am.

LK made it into town! We had our birthday party (pics to follow). One more day of work.

The boys (almost 7 and 3 1/2) are trying to sleep in the same room. It's probably not going to work. They are so excited and excitable and sugared up with birthday cake that its nearly impossible to get them to calm down enough to get themselves to sleep. Do you remember staying at a favorite relatives house? (You like how I just called myself/my house a favorite?) And you are just so excited you can't sleep? Well that's what it is. These boys just adore each other. So, for their own good we may have to separate them. We shall see.

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LSL said...

I can totally remember those kinds of sleep-overs!

Glad you got your post in today. :)