Saturday, November 15, 2008

It got away

Yesterday just got away from me. Failure.

I got off work, did the pick-up-the-kids-at-school-and-grandmas-thing, went to Costco and Safeway (we were so out of food) came home, put away groceries, made dinner, My Honey came home, we got ready for a date, babysitter arrived at 5:45-ish and we were off for dinner.

Dinner was very good. There's a nice little place called Smoke Blossom where you can get a nicer dinner in a pretty good atmosphere. Unfortunately there aren't many places left where you can go and sit in a nice comfy booth to enjoy dinner, everywhere has tables and chairs - saves space, you can squish more people in that way I guess.

My Honey had a tenderloin that was pretty yummy and I had barbecue ribs. I love me meat on the bone. Bring it on, but don't expect me to use good manners. I like to enjoy things like that in a messy way. But since we were in a restaurant, I was a little less gross than I would have liked to have been. But boy were they good!!!

Then we went and played cards at one of the casino/card room places in town and then home. I was too done to write.

So that was yesterday. Too full to fit in one more thing. Today is way less full, its my long weekend which means I should have some free time. Tonight is a planning committee meeting for my 20th class reunion which I am considering going to. It is here in town, I do live here, there really isn't any reason not to.

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LSL said...

It sounds like a nice night out! And I almost forgot to post yesterday, too. I was getting into bed and I thought, "Oh!"

Will you keep me posted on the reunion? I deleted my facebook account but I would like to know when it's going to happen. I'm planning on coming.