Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nut Bar

My kids are so nutty sometimes.

This morning, when I finally went in to get Miss I out of bed (she is still in a crib - why ruin a good thing?) she was lying in the total darkness talking to herself.

This isn't that unusual, but when I turned on the light I noticed she had her hands in front of her face. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "Reading a book" she tells me. And then she starts to tell me names, which I assume were people in her book, only she is pointing to objects in her crib, "this is Mama", (showing me her right hand) "this is Daddy", (showing me her left hand) "this is Grandpa" (she points to her foot) "this is Harry" (she points to her wind-up toy thing)! Hi-larious!

So much creativity in such a little bundle.

Well I am off to tend to the outdoor fire. I love a fire in the fireplace or outside in a pit. Nothing like it. Cold beer, warm fire. Great way to end the weekend. (Although its only in the 40's out, so I may opt for hot coffee, maybe add a splash of Kahlua.


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