Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

We get about 20 days of rain here per year. Maybe. And by "rain" I mean "sprinkles" that usually last an hour or two. Today is not one of those days. It started raining sometime late yesterday afternoon or early evening and it hasn't let up yet.

UPDATE: 1:05
The rain stopped around 10-ish, the clouds lifted off the mountains and guess what? SNOW! Not in town, but on the mountains. It's not a great picture, what can I say, I only have my phone right now. But if you look toward the top of the mountains, right under the lightest part of the sky, you can see the white stuff. (For the locals, that is looking west on Stevens St, WHS is directly in front of me.)

I should save this one for another day, but it just cracks me up! I took a picture of this sign in a dressing room at the mall. The store is Gilly Hicks, which is quite a treat if you get to one. It is nothing but lounge wear and pretty bras that are too expensive, not to mention too big, for me, but beautifully displayed none the less! And clever signage.

That sign sits on a dresser (or maybe a "bureau") full of bras in the dressing room. Each drawer has black bras of a certain size in it. All you have to do is find your size (if you're lucky enough to have boobs) and there is a drawer full of the different styles of bras they carry for you to try on so you can find the perfect fit! Then you go out into the color-coordinated, perfectly stocked sales floor and pick out the one or ten you want (at $35 or more each.) Now, if I had boobs, and could have such nice choices for myself, I might like this store, but as it is, it left me kind of bitter over my flat-chested lot in life! My Dad's wife was kind enough to buy us all a foo-foo lotion and body spray tho. MMMMM its yummy.

Okay, so day 4, pretty good. I am 1/7 of the way there! I go back to work tomorrow though, not sure when I will fit this in. I keep thinking about it ... What if I got up 15 minutes early and did it before work? That would be at 3:45. IN. THE. MORNING. I don't think that is going to happen. So that leaves me with after the kids go to bed, before I go to bed. Hmmmmm.

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