Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's been foggy for the past couple days. Not my kind of weather. At all. I could not live where it is rainy and gray, it just makes my body ache, makes my head feel stuffy. So I started a fire to cheer me up. Well, its not only the weather, I have been up since 2am. I worked another one of those 3-7am shifts today. What was I thinking? "Do my share." "Be a part of the solution, not the problem." "Choose, rather than be assigned overtime." And finally, "Its good practice." I was thinking all those things.

It is Miss I's actual birthday today so I stopped at Safeway on my way home from work and bought her a balloon and sprinkle donuts. I couldn't bring myself to give her a sprinkle donut in front of Bubba when I knew I wouldn't give him one so the donut still sits on the counter. Maybe we should have a morning treat? ... yep that's exactly what we did. mmmmm

I was so stressed about getting everything done yesterday, right?
I got Bubba from school, dropped off Miss I at Grandmas, took him to his eye appointment - he has to wear glasses all the time now - we had a few minutes before Karate so we went to the Y and saw My Honey, got to Karate with just enough time to change and ... something was wrong.

We walked into the DOJO and I noticed right away that there didn't seem to be enough pair of shoes. The kids leave their shoes in the entry during classes. Odd I thought. Actually, I counted the pairs of shoes - 6 when there are usually closer to 20- and thought to myself that it didn't seem like enough, but maybe everyone was sick or something. We walk into the class room area and that's when I notice the quiet. There's no noise. Karate isn't a quiet sport, its quite noisy when there's two classes in full swing and yet ... nothing.

I send Bubba to the bathroom and changing area and I see a mom I know who is looking at me like I am crazy. And then it dawns on me ... we are EXTREMELY early, just as she is saying "you guys are REALLY early." Uh yeah, like 45 minutes. Yeah, 45 minutes early to class! So when Bubba was finished in the bathroom we took off across the street to the shopping center (it used to be a "mall" but now its just a half-dozen stand alone stores) and perused the craft store. I had been thinking of getting some stuff for next week when we are at the Island so the kids would have something to do and it was nice to have Bubba's help, now I know he will do the activities!

Anyway, it was pretty funny to be all stressed out about getting it all done and then we ended up with so much extra time!

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