Sunday, February 24, 2008

For You

"Is this one full bloom?" he asked as he selected a crocus.
"Yes it is." I answered
"Okay, Grandma will like this one then."
And he proceeded to pick 3 more for her bouquet. What a sweet kid.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Bubba and Miss I may be against us!
We are sort of, lazily potty training Miss I. She is ready, but we are lazy and work all the time and just have not taken the time to do it. I have a potty chair sitting out in the bathroom, she sits on it often, but rarely does her business there. She is interested in doing her business, but just doesn't do it yet so I offered her one candy for pee and two for poo. Simple, right?

She and Bubba were getting ready for bed a couple nights ago, so she sat down to do her business and they excitedly came out of the bathroom telling us she had pee'd. Yay!! Candy!! But me, I must see it to believe it so I went up to examine the proof. Guess what I found? My son telling me that "She pee'd, she really did" with a little too much animation. So I take a closer look and find water in the potty chair. Those two boogers tried to fool me. ME! Of all people they tried to fool their mother. Silly, silly kids.
We are going to go to Issaquah on Friday. Grandma and Grandpa are dying to see the kids. It should be a nice break for me. My Honey is going to stay home, well sort of, he and one of his friends are going to find somewhere to golf. Its been nice enough they shouldn't have to go far.
As a kid I never played sports. The biggest reason was lack of parental involvement. It was just too much trouble. In fact, I remember very few concerts, plays or other events that I or my siblings tried to be involved in that my folks were at. So now its my turn to be a good parent, to change the cycle. To go to my kids stuff, to be there to encourage them. To be the mother I always wanted. I sure do put a lot of pressure on myself don't I?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!

No work, no school today. Fun, fun, fun. I didn't have anything planned and then Best Buddy's mom called to see if he and his sister could come over until after lunch. Fun, fun, fun! So I have a house-full of kids. Including an older girl for Miss I to hang with. The boys are playing with Legos and the girls are watching The Jungle Book and petting the dog. Lucky dog, she will get a lot of attention today.

Best Buddy's older sister is trying to hide all over my house, it's cute. She is 4th grade, I think, and totally into spying and hiding and all that.

Its been really nice weather, I hope to get the kids out later this afternoon so we can go to the park or something. I could use some fresh air and I hate to let another good day go to waste.


I got around to getting a photo of my roses from Valentines Day uploaded. They are still pretty!

My work week ended pretty well, much better than it started out, thats for sure. The only thing I didn't get done were any workouts. Miss I was sick so I couldn't very well take her to the babysitting area at the Y now could I? My Honey had been home with the kids for TWO WHOLE DAYS and I felt bad not coming right home from work on Sunday, add to that I was beat from going in at 3am and it just didn't work out well this week. I am hoping to get in this afternoon around 4-ish to get at least a run in and maybe some weights.

Work this week looks tough; I have a 4 hour OT shift tomorrow morning (3-7 am) and then I go in at 3am on Wednesday, too. My MIL is out of town this week so My Honey actually took Wed-Fri off to stay home with the kids. The day she called to tell me she would be out of town I stressed. My first call was to My Honey to let him know, just as a heads up and his first comment was "so you want me to take the week off?" (and the angels sang) It was the most wonderful offer ever! So he is off most of this week. Unfortunately I have 3 OT shifts, the two I just mentioned and I am going to a training class on Thursday that will go until 5pm. It's going to be a long week, but at least I know the kids are taken care of. He just realized last night that he has to take Bubba to school and pick him up and all that. It was cute.

If Wednesday goes as planned, I am supposed to get to spend part of the day out of the office which will help a lot. One of our Sergeants called and offered to take a couple dispatchers out to the Range while they are "blowing things up." I don't know exactly what it will entail, but I am looking forward to getting out of the office for a few hours. However, my last training was cancelled so ... I am not counting on or looking forward to it. Plus, its my "short week" I only work Wed, Thurs and Fri then I am off for a 4-day weekend! I don't have anything planned, but if the weather holds, I may venture over to my dads for a short visit. Leave on Friday after work and keep Harry out of school on Monday ... Just maybe. It would be nice to get away and I think I could finagle a night (or two) away if I asked real nice.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So much rosier

Well, today went much better...

Miss I has an ear infection and possibly pneumonia. Thank goodness I was able to get her into the doctor's office yesterday. Who knows how bad she would have been last night or today. So she is on a heavy duty does of antibiotics which I hope work. If her cough is worse after the weekend then we will have to go in for chest x-rays which are no fun for a 2 year old. They have to put them in an upright tube-sort-of-thing to hold them still to do chest x-rays. I don't remember why now, but we had some done when she was little, like 6 or 9 months old. I think it was for some kind of funny heart sound. It was torture for me.

Work was alright. The hate mail had actually been sent to the wrong person - go figure, but the admin is still the same. Today we received a singing telegram. So picture this: 6 of us on duty, an in-progress burglary call going on and in walk 4 men dressed in tuxedos to sing to us. Thanks but no thanks. Not when I have officers out with bad guys. It pissed me off. One of the other dispatchers tried to come over and make a joke about it, but I was so mad I swore at him and told him he better leave my space right away before I punch him. I was so mad. My trainee called it the most surreal experience he has ever had at any job. I am pretty sure he's hooked on dispatch.

After work, I went next door to My Honey's work to pick up the kid-car keys (I forgot mine this mornning) and heard him say he had flowers for me. I thought he was pulling my leg (and everyone listening) because I hadn't asked for them, nor had I seen them yesterday or this morning when I left for work and I couldn't imagine when he picked them up. Well, lo and behold, sometime he went and got flowers, roses actually, and had them waiting for me when I got home. What a guy. (I would post a picture now, but I had a techincal problem... the kids got in the way. Later)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Friday the 13th??

What a day. (Note: its only 1230)

Work sucked.

A training I was scheduled to go to yesterday was cancelled so I had to go to work today (which I had not planned on doing).

I had "hate mail" (you know, the kind accusing you of something without proof) waiting for me when I got there. These things bother me because if I do something wrong, please show me what it was, don't just quote the policy and procedure manual (THAT I CO-AUTHORED) to me in an effing e-mail. I know what the hell it says and I believe I follow it, show me where I went wrong.

And there was a reminder of how unprofessional and unprepared our Admin are; the two people with the techie powers-that-be are BOTH out of the state for a week and left no directions of who to call or what to do if there are techie problems. In my humble opinion there should be something posted somewhere so that we all know what to do in their absence since there are many, many hours during the day when there isn't a supervisor on duty, not to mention, the supervisor on duty didn't have a clue when I asked her this morning. So if there is a problem when I am on and there is no supervisor I guess the Director gets the phone call.

Ugh, the place is just pissing me off lately. Time for a long weekend away.

And then, (yep, theres more) Miss I is sick. She had trouble sleeping last night, woke every couple hours (which could be the real source of my sour mood today) screaming like she is in pain somewhere. This morning she spiked a 102 degree fever. So I came home from work and made an appointment with the doctor for this afternoon for her. That’s probably the only good thing, I got to leave work, where I really didn't want to be anyway. Oh yeah, and I might have gotten myself mixed up in a relationship thing at work that is really none of my business. Stupid, stupid me. I know better than to go looking for gossip. The best stuff always comes to me.

So that’s my day so far. It’s not even 1:00 yet. Maybe I will go hide under the covers until Miss I wakes from her nap.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Drink of water

I thought this post ("Criminal Act") was really funny because I recently tested this theory. I had been called a "tall drink of water" by a co-worker so I thought I would show him how tall I could actually be and wore 3-inch heels to work with ... well, snug fitting jeans. I don't usually make a spectacle of myself, but I couldn't resist. Needless to say, I received my fair share of comments. Funny what a couple inches and good jeans can do for a girl when they make her 5'11.

Right this very minutes my house smells like spice cake. MMMMM!! I got the urge to make cupcakes. I don't know where it came from, one moment I was shopping at Target, the next minute I was obsessed with spice cake and butter cream frosting. It was the craziest thing. They are in the oven now (or were) and they smell delicious. It's been ages since I made cupcakes. What kind of mother am I? Anyway, we are going to frost them later and take them to my mothers' house for dessert. Not sure I can resist that long before I eat one though.

I got in for a workout this morning. Good for me! I did legs and then the elliptical machine for 30 minutes.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Home Show

There was a home show in town this weekend. I spent an hour or so there on Saturday, I wanted to ask a couple vendors about some things. I actually had to circle the place 2 times before I worked up the nerve to approach one of the vendors I wanted to talk to. I am such a weenie about putting myself out there. The guy was nice, gave me the information on interior doors and I moved on. The next place I went ended up being just as helpful, but it took a lot out of the guy at the table to talk to me. I was standing there looking at their brochures and heard someone say "how’s it going to day?" I looked up thinking they were talking to me, but I was wrong ... THREE TIMES. Everyone was greeted as they walked up to the table but me. I was feeling a little like I must have been dressed wrong. Then when the guy finally did talk to me he implied that I wouldn’t be able to afford wooden windows I should go with vinyl, because they are about 1/2 the price. Mister, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

I told My Honey about it and he said something like "Sometimes people have this thing where they seem like they don’t want to be bothered, like they are unapproachable." WHO ME????? Unfortunately he is so right. It reminded me of one of the deputies I went on a ride along with recently, he asked me if he "passed the test." Am I that bad?? I guess so if two people in the past few months have made mention of it.

So what is a girl to do? Do I need to do anything at all? Yes, that’s why my mental attitude adjustment for this year is directly related to this kind of stuff. See how I am? I know what I need. And I would say that I did well at the home show approaching the vendors I wanted information from. I actually did it!

My cute little Bubba. I started to make him rest for an hour or so while Miss I naps so I can have a little peace and quiet each day. So he is up resting right now - or at least trying. He is so excited about Karate class he can't sit still or keep quiet during his quiet time. He is up there right now in his uniform asking how much longer until Karate. I had to promise him I would not get him there late and I would not forget. What a cutie!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What, no winter pix?

I really wanted to get some great winter photos this year, trees, mountains, snow that kind of stuff but it just hasn't worked out. So I thought tomorrow I would go out and do it, but I forgot I have a massage scheduled at 9:30. No way I am gonna cancel that! I won't be able to do it tomorrow morning, but maybe Tuesday?

I worked out today! Yay me. Two weeks off didn't kill me like I thought it might. I was able to do aerobics on Saturday and not feel too bad and then I ran today without too much trouble. Eighteen minutes as a matter of fact. I had some good tunes going!! Gonna have to remember that mix.

I taught Miss I something naughty! I ask her "Who's cute?" and she answers "ME!" Then I say "Who else is cute?" and she will answer "Mommy" or "Daddy" or "EErie". It's pretty funny.

I got the go-ahead to spend some money today and couldn't find a thing. Everything showed too many extra lumps and soft spots. Thats how I ended up working out today. So much for retail therapy. Maybe I will take the alotted amount and do the bathroom stuff I have wanted to do...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Its official

It's official, I am a soccer mom. No, we didn't buy a mini-van, (and we don't have plans to any time soon) Bubba is officially signed up for his first sport - soccer, which makes me an official soccer mom. He is also signed up for Karate right now. They kind of both happened the same week and thankfully we can drop Karate when soccer starts in April (or try to do both if they fall on different nights). So our lives just got a little busier on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Sometimes my life fascinates me. Here I am thirty-seven and I still have a kid in diapers, and drinking bottles. I think I thought by now I would have kids in school and be coasting along in life. But here I am just beginning the rigors of carting kids around (before I know it Miss I will be taking dance or some dang thing like that) and still dealing in diapers.

I look at the lives of other women (yes, I am comparing) and think how much smarter it would have been to get kids going earlier. But life wouldn't be what it is now would it? And I know it worked out this way for a reason, I just don't know the reason yet. But sometimes I am a bit jealous of the younger girls. The ones that are 30-33 and their kids are in school and settled in sports or what ever. The ones that don't have diapers and bottles sitting around. The ones that don't have to fix the kids something different for dinner because they won't eat what the adults are. (Yes, I know this is a problem I created and make worse by not forcing the kids to eat what we eat.)

Work was kind of the pits this week. One of the supervisors made a comment that put me on guard and judging every thing she did that was aimed at me. The guild thing is still pissing me off and my trainee was getting on my nerves. He wasn't doing things MY way so I was annoyed. I know, I know.... I warned him that next week I am going to hover and hound. He actually said it might help, so that’s our plan. He’s at the point if I don't, its going to be an up hill battle for him to re-learn good habits. Am I prepared for the exhaustion? I don't know, better stock up on Fat Tire just in case. I did make it through and I didn't have as bad of a week as some.

And finally, I got in for a work-out today. Only the second one in two weeks. I so fell off the wagon. Need, need, need to get back on. I started to feel bad because my MIL didn't seem to be too pleased with me going after work, I think this happened the week she had the flu bug. But I gotta do something, I felt so much better. I was dealing with winter so well. So I plan on going Tuesday to a 4:30 class, the kids can go to the play areas at the Y, Thursday and Friday right after work while the kids are still at grandmas. Its the best I can do. Saturday I may sneak over after work too and I will take Sunday off. The trick is dinner, going to work out at 3 puts me home after 4:30 sometime. Just barely enough time to make dinner, but I can do it. I have before and it was so worth it.

(is anyone else having problems with spell check?)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Can't sleep

I can't sleep (again). Miss I woke up at 11-ish and I have not been back to sleep yet.

I am still spun up about a conversation I overheard at work. The damned Guild is fighting Administration about seniority. They don't want to give it to me. Selfish mo-fo's (I am sure that I seem like the selfish mo-fo to them, but its them, really). So they are holding up everyone’s raises to iron this issue out. Short story: the Guild won't agree to office seniority (giving me and any other supervisor that steps down or gets demoted the months or years worth of service toward our seniority) so the Admin won't agree to the raise amount.

It just pisses me off. What the hell is the point? I wonder if I mention to a few key people that their raises are being held up because of the seniority issue if they would go to their representatives and say "F-you, give in, its not that big of a deal" since it was at the urging of their representatives that this whole thing started anyway. Jerks. Selfish effing asses. Maybe I will demand a re-bid when the whole thing is over just to get the days off I want. Then we will see who is selfish. (Childish I know, but its making me feel better? Not really.) So because the Admin and the Guild can't work these two issues out the dang guild contract-thing is going to mediation. Which means it will be a few more months.

Anyway, I am trying to get it out of my system, but its not working very well. I am trying to see both sides, but it is not working very well. I tried not to let it show at work, and I thought I did a pretty good job until one of my Detective-friends called in. I was doing actual work for him and at the end of our conversation he asked what was wrong. He's one of the more intuitive guys I know (obviously) because he could tell by the tone of my voice that I was all cranky. I had honestly forgotten about the conversation until he brought it up, but it had certainly taken its toll throughout the day.

Then, My Honey got home and I mentioned it to him. Now who's spun up? Oh my goodness. He was all over the place. Told me if it didn't work out my way he had a dollar amount in mind to spend on legal fees to get it worked out. (He thinks he is so tough.)

Monday, February 04, 2008


Sheesh! What a week. Bubba got better; I felt like hell on Wednesday so I left work a couple hours early and caught a nap. Miss I was sick on Thursday so My Honey stayed home with her, then he was sick on Friday and Saturday. THEN Miss I threw up again on Saturday night so I called out sick for work on Sunday. Screw them, my family needed me. I felt bad about it but what can I do? My Honey handled the kids pretty well all day Saturday feeling like hell but I couldn't stand the thought of it for a second day. Thankfully I didn't get the worst of it. I just felt like I was going to throw up for 3 days, everyone else did. Everyone but Miss I seems pretty good today. She is still whiny, I don’t know if she is feeling bad or just got a lot of attention when she whined last week so she is trying it on... I hope its just she is trying it on so we can break her of it right quick.

We got a few inches of new snow yesterday, so after I took Bubba to school this morning I nearly took myself and Miss I on a road trip to take some winter photos. Nearly. I couldn't bring myself to do it, the roads were a tad icy and I wasn't sure I wanted to take on that much of a challenge just for a few pics. My camera is still in the car though, I may get around to it this afternoon.

I never should have done it, but I opened a bag of candy hearts and now I can't stop eating them. mmmmmmm.

And damn that groundhog anyway. 6 more weeks.