Monday, May 26, 2008

To and Fro

Well, we made it to and fro and we are no worse for wear!

It was GORGEOUS in the San Juan Islands! Pictures of clear blue skies to follow. It was fun to be a part of a ... well, I don't even know what to call it. A resort I guess. It's the same folks going to the Resort for the last two and three decades. It was amazing how quickly the kids got together, the adults just mesh and the newcomers (thats us) were welcomed.

I had a wonderful time, so did the kids. The beach was great, the food was divine, the company was fun (and some of them were drunk) and the teenagers were a hoot! I bonded with a few of the 13-year-old set over the campfire Sunday night. They are such cute ditzes a that age. I had a good time, I hope they did too.

My sister was hanging out with the 16-19-year-old set and I took the time to hang with them too (actually we were avoiding Very Drunk Anoying Woman.) The teens were in the rec room watching video stream of something or other so I started to twenty question Steven on how "video streaming" worked. Apparently its different than downloading (who knew?) ... One of the girls, Michelle, asked me "what do you do?" as in my job. It caught me off guard, its not the type of question I am EVER asked. So I told her I was a dispatcher, why did she want to know. Turns out her mom is a dispatcher too. She wondered because of my questions. It was funny.

Anyway, those are just a few of the fun things. Bubba made a new friend, Miss I had a blast in the sand and rocks, we all got SUNBURNED!! In western Washington none-the-less! And now we are home safe and sound.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend recap

Not a bad start to my vacation. Several days of My Kind of Weather (90*), sunburn from sitting out in My Kind of Weather reading a book (Vanishing Act by Jodi Picoult), two trips to the park to play in the water, runs at the park yesterday and today, church, just hanging around and shopping for food for the weekend. Not bad at all.

I was the wrong person to go shopping today though!! Our job is to bring snack foods and THEY ALL LOOKED GOOD. I bought one of nearly everything Costco carries. For shame! We are all gonna gain 18 pounds from eating snack-crap and drinking all weekend. Wouldn't you know they had a plenty-pack of Fat Tire available. But it will be fun and worth it, its only a few times a year right?

Hmmm, well I thought I had a lot to say today, but it seems not. I will leave you with this picture of the kids a week or so ago. They were having a snack outside or something and Bubba thought he needed to balance something on his head. Such a clever kid.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer time ahhhh

Bless his heart, after a HOT day playing golf My Honey put the air conditioners in for me tonight. Well, I guess it would be for us, since we all benefit. Its just hard to cool the house down if its still 90* at 8pm. I think the motivating factor might have been Bubba.

He was all done. He played soccer in 80* weather, went to a birthday party, then played in the sprinklers and then, we went to the park to play in the water. It was just too much. Poor guy pretty much passed out an hour after we got home (after he had thrown up twice.) He just doesn't tolerate a lot of physical activity on an empty stomach or in the heat. Its kind of a weird phenomenon.

Just one more work day and we are outta here!! yay!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ahh, summery weather

If you happened to view my blog today and check my weather girl she would have told you it was in the 90's around here. In fact, its almost 9pm and its still in the high 80's. Gotta love Central Washington summers! I don't really think this heat wave will last for a long time, but its nice to have while its here. My kind of weather as My Honey calls it, yes it is. I can't wait for a free hour or so to sit outside with the headphones on (or not) and bake in the sun. Yeah, I know its so bad for me, but its so good for me too. Its a ritual, I can't live without it.

Speaking of sitting in the sun, I got a new bathing suit for this year, and the next few if I am lucky. Its hard to find stuff that fits me. I had a great suit from Land's End once and I never invested in another one after it wore out, until this year. I finally bought me a modestly cut long torso suit from Lands End in the tangerine color. The only problem might be the underwire. I really don't need it (TRUST ME) but its there, so I will need to wear it a few times to see if its going to bother me or not. I also bought some new tank tops from them. I tell you, they really make great stuff.

Its my 4-day weekend, I work one day then off for 6!! (Really, you could say I work one day in the next eleven, which sounds even better than 6 days off doesn't it?) Yay!! Tomorrow is a soccer game then a birthday party then nothing, probably play in the sprinklers again. Sunday, no plans so far, probably church then work in the yard if its not too hot. Monday and Tuesday are regular days - you know, school, karate and all that and then Wednesday back to work and tah-dah! Done with work for 6 whole days; off to the Islands! I hope the weather is decent. The 10-day forecast predicts it will be in the 60's with "showers" not a bad forecast. Not bad at all.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Belt

He did it! Bubba passed his first promotional test. He is pretty proud, he took his new belt to school for sharing today.

He was a basket case all day yesterday anticipating weather or not he had passed. I tried to get him to rest and he dissolved into tears. He sat with me just bawling, "I need to be held, just hold me Mom." It was heart breaking, all because of the possibility that he might not have passed. Of course it was me that put the idea out there... He was thinking it but I put words to it and made him talk about it just in case. I wasn't quite sure how to deal with the possibility so I just talked about it straight out. I am not sure if it was the right thing to do or not. But at least we were prepared. Fortunately we didn't have to deal with disappointment.

Miss I and I were able to get another walk in today. Its been getting nicer in the mornings which is great. She doesn't much care for the stroller but I kept yanking leaves off the trees and giving them to her to look at. "OOOh, mama, kanks."

Her language is developing but its no where near what Bubba was at 2 1/2. He was carrying on adult conversation about anything with big words. We are lucky to get her to say much at all. Oh she is constantly talking, it just doesn't make much sense to us. We try and so does she, but its really all gibberish. And the things she can say she says over and over and over and over and over. "Mama. Air daddy go?" "Mama. Air Ee-ry go?" "Go bye bye?" "Goo day?" all morning long. (Translation: Mama, where did daddy go? Where did Harry go? They went bye bye? Will they have a good day?) Its cute but it gets old. We must have had the same conversation for an hour this morning. Crazy child. But once it develops into real words watch out world, she won't be ignored!

I got an interesting thing in the mail yesterday; a publisher offering me a copy of a book authored by a friend of mine. This gal has wanted to be published since she was in grade school! She always wrote great stories and it looks like she finally got a book complete and I guess its going to be published. The last time I talked to her was last fall and she told me she was nearly done but I had no idea! I can't wait to read it! I know it will be good.

Back to work tomorrow, nothing too exciting going on this week. Oh wait, we get to tour the animal shelter tomorrow. Why you ask ... well thats a good question. I guess it will give us an understanding of their operations which will be useful when... um ... sometime I am sure! It is an opportunity to get out of the office for a couple hours so I won't crab about it too much thats for sure. The rest of the week should be pretty mellow, no major events in town, no overtime scheduled, no holidays to contend with and I am on vacation countdown. Just 6 more shifts till I am off for nearly a week! Yay!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Its so nice outside! I wish I had a couple hours to take a book out and read with the sun making me squint and get a touch of a tan. But, the kids will only be down for another 30 minutes or so, I have not taken a shower yet today and I need (and I mean NEED) to clean up around here a little. My Girl Friday didn't make it last week so its been awhile since things were spruced up. She may be able to make it this week, but its still pretty bad around here. I need to vacuume and clean the bathrooms. I mean REALLY.

The weekend was nice. I took off early on Saturday to go to Bubba's game, he did pretty good. I think he was tired after such a big week. Afterwards we went shopping for Mothers Day stuffs. My Honey usually gets his mom some kind of flower something, we found a very nice hanging basket at a new greenhouse in town. It is so pretty! And he treated me to some new plants so I spent that afternoon planting new stuff in the front yard. Saturday night I took my mom out to dinner. We had a nice time just the two of us. Sunday I worked, but my sister in law took care of dinner for all of us. She made this really great chicken dish with asparagus and a pasta salad that was to die for. MMMM.

This week has a few things going on, Karate today (Bubba should be getting a new belt from the promotional test on Thursday last week), soccer practice some time this week, Karate on Wednesday, a couple evening things for me and My Honey soccer game on Saturday and then the weekend. My long weekend! Plus, I just heard its supposed to be in the 90's here! Now thats what I'm talking about!!!

While My Honey was away on Friday all the "other people" with him were texting their friends (and the people sitting right next to them), so he texted me off and on all day. It was pretty fun! I was impressed that he made the effort (thanks!) and that he's kept it up. Unfortunately it may require a new phone, one with a keyboard on it instead of having to use the number keys. I am such a dork, it takes me forever to text! Maybe I just need practice!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Nearly Done

Well I made it through Friday too!

It was a busy afternoon. I got off work, went to the MIL's house to get the kiddos for awhile. Took Miss I back to grandmas, where she is spending the night, around 5, took Bubba to soccer practice. I had the opportunity to get to know one of the moms a little better (since we were the only two families there besides the coach). She is a very neat gal, a free-spirit-type, which is always fun to me because it is so NOT me. I just can't fly by the seat of my pants all the time, maybe 1/2 of 1 percent of the time, but not much. It stresses me out! Plus I am not that creative!

After returning Bubba to Grandmas house to spend the night I went to Costco and then went home to unload my few perishable purchases before I went to go for a run. OOPS! I remembered that I needed bananas and a few other items (for tomorrow) from Safeway so I had to do that shopping and then it was already 7:30.

I nearly went for that run, I might be sorry I didn't, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave the house again. Plus it was windy and getting chilly out. I know, I know what a wimp. So my back-up plan is to try and go tomorrow since I will have most of the day off. I committed to seeing all of Bubba's games so I took 1/2 of tomorrow off for his morning game which leaves me with the afternoon free - well, you know what I mean. Our plan is to go out for lunch after the game. Bubba has been asking all week to eat out in a "real restaurant, you know like Red Robin" instead of McDonalds. So thats our plan, we all deserve it after this week.

My Honey is out of town, the kids are at Grandmas so I have the QUIET house to myself. Its always nice to have no TV, no kids, nothing but me my thoughts and a cold one. Tonights choice is a Fat Tire amber ale. Ahhhh.

I want to comment on this book I just finished. It is called Verbal Abuse: Healing the Hidden Wound by Grace Ketterman. It was a very good book that covered a lot of ground regarding verbal abuse. This book was loaned to me, but I think I am going to buy my own copy, there was a lot of good stuff in it that I will want to refer back to time and again. I would recommend it to just about anyone because we can all think of a time when they were a victim or an abuser. It clarified what verbal abuse is, how it affects families, work places, churches and social groups and how to break the cycle for yourself.

I know my family of origin has been in bad cycles of this before, I can't honestly say who broke the cycle but I know for me it's done, I don't take the comments of some of my family members quite as hard now as I did growing up, I know when to walk away and/or keep my mouth shut so that the comments stop. I have worked very hard to take sarcasm out of my response pattern inside my family, but reading that book made me realize that I am not done with this issue. I still have a lot of work to do. I still say things that are demeaning, unfair or cruel at work and at home. Its sad. Its gonna take more work. Thankfully I can see a lot of progress from years past and thats encouraging. Anyway, the book was really good.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nearly Done

Well, its Thursday. We have nearly made it through the week. Today was BUSY! Work, karate promotional test quick dinner and then a Kindergarten music program. I took some video of both events, but I don't know if its post-able. I mean, would it be worth posting, because its just in snippets and would others get it if they weren't there? I will look into editing some of the stuff I video'd this weekend and see if I can get something together thats worth anything.

The promotion test went pretty good. Did he pass? I don't know. I have no idea how they "score" these things. I called to talk to one of the instructors to see if it was even worth doing and he said that they would have talked to us if he wasn't going to pass. As I watched him I kept thinking "there's no way" but as I reviewed my video snippets I guess its possible. I may be to critical. (Gee, ya think? Did it only take me 37 years to figure that out?)

The Kindergarten music program was a crack up! They did really well singing all these cute songs I have never heard. Several of them were alphabet songs, and a few others. It lasted all of 45 minutes. Not bad!

More later, it's a bit past my bed time and I could really use the sleep.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm trying

I'm just not feeling it. I am trying to get motivated to write and its just not there today. Not sure why. Its beautiful here today, maybe I am too distracted by the 80 degree weather?

I have been going to a Bible study on Monday nights with my sister in law. This session her sister in law is going with us. We all meet at my sister in laws house and walk to the church since its just a few blocks away. Its been a nice way to get to know the girls and its also very refreshing to get just a taste of fresh air each Monday night. Its funny, I have known both these girls for 17 years but we have never hung out together. I am glad we are getting the opportunity now.

Its back to work tomorrow. It's my long work week, we have a soccer game tomorrow, Bubba has an opportunity to do a promotional test for Karate and a Kindergarten music program both on Thursday. My Honey is going out of town Friday, and a soccer game on Saturday. Its looking like a busy week.

I don't think we are going to do the promotional test. First of all its forty bucks and second, I don't know if he's ready for that kind of thing yet. I understand that not many people skip the promotional tests when they come up, but I don't see much value in it for him right now. I should probably talk to the instructor about it. Selfishly, it would make Thursday a lot easier, but if hes not gonna pass to the next level anyway I am gonna keep my forty bucks and my sanity.

I took the kids to the park for lunch yesterday because it was so nice out. I picked up Bubba from school, swung by McDonalds and then headed to the park. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me so no pictures. But they had a nice time. We went down by the water for a few minutes too. Unfortunately the park we went to doesn't have any toys, but that worked out okay because it was close to Miss I's nap time anyway.

Lastly, I feel totally inadequate today as a parent. I can't seem to do anything right (in the eyes of my kids anyway). Heaven help me make it through this week!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Busier than I thought

Wow! Has it nearly been a week? I've just been plain ol' busy I guess.

Work, karate, work, work, facial, mix up in transportation plans, soccer game, work, fat fest at the park, checking out henna tattoos, night off, work, and finally the weekend. The weekend consisted of the pre-parade fun run, fat fest in the park, watching the parade, getting a henna tattoo, more parade, an attempt at a nap and then a 12-hour overtime shift. And now here I am, late Sunday morning thinking "where'd the week go?"

The overtime shift was good. Busy! I loved it. I miss working nights. As if I am going to go to a night shift... Not likely. Days are working out just fine. It was the Big Festival Weekend so theres lots of crazy kids out there drinking and cruising and that kind of stuff.

I had the strangest thing just happen, it was a phone call from a name that I didn't recognize, but was a local number. I answer and it's one of Bubba's classmates asking for him. So I go get Bubba. I know he is going to be excited about this phone call because its his newest obsession; The Cool Kid.

We have had several conversations lately about this kid, most of them sound like this "Can I have ----- because The Cool Kid has one?" So The Cool Kid invited him over to play this afternoon. Fun stuff. It was kind of funny though, the kids seemed to be making their own plans so when Bubba handed me the phone I asked for T.C.K's mom to make sure that we were all on the same page. Thankfully we were. He had already asked her and she had said yes, so we're off to a play date in an hour. He is SO excited! The timing couldn't be better either. Miss I will be napping, Bubba will be playing so My Honey and I can each get some quiet time. Nice.