Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bubba has been gone a week. He and grandpa are coming home on the train on Sunday or Monday. What fun. They are peas in a pod, they should have a great train ride just talking about boy things.

And still no baby. Poor SIL. Her actual due date isn't for a week or so but she is feeling so done. That's the way it goes. Babies have their own time table from the time you are making them until much, much later in life.

Speaking of which, still no actual walking out of Punkin Head. Maybe my Dad and his wife visiting will encourage her? They are due next Thursday and will stay until Sunday, then my sister (D) who is 15 will stay another week (give or take) with us. Me and the kids will return her sometime after the 12th because then I am on vacation FOR TEN DAYS. No work for 10 days. I am looking forward to it.

We have plans for a BBQ and my other sister (L) is going to be in Chelan so we will have all the kids out there for a few days and who knows what else. Hopefully the weather will turn summer again, for the past few days its been not-so-warm.

buzz buzz buzz

Here you go.
Buzzing bees and things.

Monday, June 25, 2007

What the?

I was driving home from my photo experiment yesterday and noticed this. I sat at the light wondering what these men were doing outside the laundry. Then I realized what it might have been - they're WATCHING their women do laundry. Bastards. They could at least go in and help fold right? Typical in my household too. I do the laundry while My Honey watches golf.

At least I had the camera to get a shot. Can you tell that all the men are leaning into the glass, looking in at what ever is going on inside? Maybe it was naked woman laundry day, I don't know.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I am not sure how this will work, but here goes


Raspberries are what got this whole thing started. Today I was playing with a setting on my camera that will just capture one color.

Do Lilly pads bloom? That white and pink thing was growing in the pond.

How about the bee?? I was totally impressed with myself.

These were some pretty something or other. Anyone? I need to sit down with her and find out what varieties of things I have here so I don't sound like the dork I am.

New favorite

I found a new favorite place to take pictures. The nice thing is its in town so I can go there any time. What do you think??

Its a co-workers yard and garden. I spent about an hour there today just taking in the colors and taking copious photos (like 180).
But for some reason I can only post one photo so there you are. This is on her patio, the fence in the background goes into her garden area which is delightful. She has 6 or 8 raised beds that are full of great stuff. She also has a pond with a ton of full sun plants and a shaded area with full shade plants. It is a great place to check out a many different varieties. I had a blast. Me and the camera. I think I should name it....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fragile, handle with care

Well, they're off. Grandma picked Bubba up an hour ago and they're headed to Portland. It sure is quiet around here already. Punkin Head didn't sleep well last night so she is already down for a nap, My Honey is at work so its just me for another hour or so.


There's this gal that I knew when I worked at the YMCA. She was definitely a lost soul. Didn't really seem all there all the time, her significant other took pretty good care of her, but she wasn't one I thought would be good on her own. I didn't know it it was mental illness, drugs, alcohol or all of the above.

I'll call her Vee. We didn't really become "friends" but we got to know one another a little over a couple of years of her coming in regularly with her son and significant other. She was one of those people I knew had suffered some kind of trauma, I just don't know what kind.

Anyway, she quit coming in, I went to work for the police department. The only way we stayed in touch was that she was a police "regular". (Turned out to be all of the above).

She went missing almost a month ago. She was located yesterday. I am not shocked at the circumstances, I had the feeling she would be located not return, if you know what I mean. But I am still a little saddened.

Vee is the third person (its always in 3's right?) that had some kind of impact on my life that has died in some tragic way in the past 7 months. First Jen, my yogi, was killed in a car accident, then my high school friend Kelly committed suicide, now Vee. So I guess I am just not sure what to make of it all. Part of me realizes its just a phase where people are dying, phases like this happen. Another part goes who's next and yet another part wants to move toward a deeper spirituality to find meaning in it all - if that makes any sense.

I guess I want to explore the "impact on my life" part. Kelly was a deviant really. Very nice guy but into drugs, probably a little deeper than I realized at the time, although I knew he was using back then. As far as impact? Well, maybe I am one of his "5 people you meet in heaven" (after a suicide, well that's a philosophical debate for another time) I dunno. I'm not even sure what I am trying to say. Guess I better sit with it awhile longer, see what comes out.

I wonder if there will be a memorial service for Vee? I am acquainted with her sister, I wonder if she would like to see a familiar face there?

In the mean time I am quite fragile.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

School's out

School's out for summer!!! Bubba gets to go on a trip with Grandma to Portland for a week or two. Grandma is heading down to help my SIL before the new baby comes. So it will just be me and Punkin Head for several days or maybe even a couple weeks starting Thursday!

My dad and his wife are coming to visit after the 4th for a few days which will be fun! They are going to leave my 15 year old sister and I will return her when I go on vacation around the 12th. Hopefully the weather will be nicer and we can visit fun places like the water park, maybe even take out the boat (novel idea, it hasn't been out in two years). It should be a great couple weeks between now and the 4th. New baby on the way (a niece), oldest kid out of town for a few days, then grandparents coming into town. Then it will be time for vacation and our 15th anniversary and maybe "Cousin Camp".

My sister is coordinating a Cousin Camp in July where we are trying to get the 4 cousins (on my side of the family) together for some overnight fun in Bremerton complete with a cook out, s'mores, tie-dye t-shirts, field trips to the zoo and water parks arts and crafts. Don't you want to be 2-6 years old again? So by the end of July we should be tuckered out! Ready to coast through August and then back to school.

Jeez, will the summer really go that fast? I hope not, I want to enjoy some of it!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Here is where I will spend every sunny day for the next 12 weeks or so. Ahhhh. Not quite as big as the one I grew up with, but this one was something like $30,000 less so I guess I will make due! The really great thing is that we were able to set it up in an area that is off the grass and out of the way so we don't have to look it at it all the time. Its just right for now.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I am in a "Situational Leadership" class this week.

No, I didn't re-apply for a supervisor job (although there were 2 openings posted recently) I am going as a trainer, and to develop myself.

It had actually been very good. Kind of intense for me. It has given me words for my shortcomings. Words, but not solutions. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to take a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants person and teach her how to pre-plan? If stuff mostly gets done anyway, whats the point?

How to take a functionally disorganized person and help them to put order to the things that need to get done? Re-direct me, give me the website, the book, the tools to learn these skills. I am a great coach, its the directing stuff, the breaking something apart to explain it ... any way.

Its kind of like sewing a dress. I can take a pattern, measure out the fabric, cut it out, get all the pieces there, but the actual assembly of the project - sometimes I just lose interest by then. Or I get part way through and go "this isn't fun anymore." Certainly I know what has to be done, I can see what the end is going to look like but somewhere I just lose motivation.

So it has been a good class. Now for the application. How will it look in my life next month? Like another book on the shelf? Maybe. I hope not.


Punkin Head is nearly walking! WHEW!! She is over 18 months old now. Its pretty cute. She is standing on her own, actually standing herself up in the middle of the room and building the confidence to get herself going. It's fun. Maybe she can teach me about taking steps, follow through, motivation?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Memorial Day

Over Memorial day weekend Bubba and I talked about what it is ... That is to say with my limited understanding, I told him it is to honor service men and women who have died fighting wars.

We talked about cemeteries, funerals and a few other things related to dying. He is familiar with funerals, he attends funeral dinners with Grandma because she coordinates them for her church and sometimes he tags along because I am at work, so the idea isn't foreign or scary to him.

Anyway, we are at a local park today for the farmers market (mmm fresh snap peas) where there is a rock with a memorial on it dedicated to a woman who had a vision for a parks system to run along the river. I asked him not to play on the rock, I really don't know if its okay (proper) and he asked why so I told him it was a memorial. "Oh, did someone die?" I told him yes and started to read the memorial to him. He stood there, took off his hat and listened. It was quite touching to me. That all these things I tell him actually take hold and his actions reflect that he REALLY DOES HEAR ME. Thank goodness because I am just about hoarse from all the yelling this past week.

In other news, another one bites the dust at work. We are so short staffed now. One trainee didn't make it through the most recent academy, we have someone leaving in two weeks, one of our gals had a stroke last week (no shit! she is in pretty good shape, but will be out at least a month) and to top it off, the most recent "she's no longer with us" memo. Sounds like a long summer full of 12 hour shifts. UGH. Oh well, cha-ching. That's probably the only thing that will get me through.

I will say this: I so made the right choice stepping down from the supervisor group. I am not sure I would have agreed with this most recent situation, but I wasn't asked either. And its "nun-ya" anyway. Totally an admin decision, and thankfully I don't have to defend it.