Monday, July 31, 2006

Change is in the air

I went into Punkin Head's room and found this the other morning. Hmmm, an upside down foot can only mean one thing... She rolled over. A quick peek over the railing confirmed this hunch. Yikes, that means she will be mobile soon. *sigh* the carefree days of having an infant that can't do anything for herself will soon be over.

This also means that even though I thought I might get to start sleeping through the night soon that ain't gonna be so. She hates her tummy. She woke up no less than 3 times the other night because she rolled herself onto her tummy and was uncomfortable. Luckily she went right back to sleep (or continued her sleep more comfortably) as soon as she was turned over. But DAMN 3 times?

Don't get me wrong, I know she needs to learn to live with it, to be comfortable on her tummy or to learn to roll back over, but for the time being I am not going to sacrifice (much more of) my sleep. She will just have to wait until my days off to figure it out. Then it doesn't matter as much if I sleep at night, I can take a nap.

Bubba is taking a swim lesson this summer. He is doing pretty well, being able to touch the bottom has given him an all new confidence. He even went off the diving board. This is huge, he is pretty cautious. He hates to be in another room of the house from everyone else. My sister called him "co-dependent" yesterday, I'd rather use the word "needy", although neither one is a great thing to be. So we work on it. Little by little. I hope he gets used to being alone - not alone, alone, but alone in the same house as someone else. Because it gets tiring and sometimes I want to be alone.

It's been a rough week. I had to rely on people who aren't always reliable recently and it took a lot out of me. That and the sleep deprivation reached its 2 week limit. Rough day yesterday. Thankfully I made it through and today has a much better outlook. First its my Friday, yay. Second, Grandma is back today and is going to watch the kids for some extra hours today so I can escape. And third, I have a massage tomorrow morning, ahhhh. Life looks good today.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Does my soul look like this?

I think so.
  • You are very passionate and quite temperamental.
  • While you can be moody, you always crave comfort.
  • You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams.
  • Your feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.
  • You believe that people see you for how you are, not how you look.
  • But deep down, you know that's not exactly true.
  • Your near future is a lot like the present, and as far as you're concerned, that's a very good thing.
  • For you, love is all about caring and comfort.
  • You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

For a look inside the room of your soul check this out:

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weather and other things

Lets see, the past week or so has been hot, hot, hot. (Not like the shirt.) Like triple digit temperatures. Its barely tolerable in our house, we don't have central air. We do have 2 wall air conditioner units, but they don't quite cool all the rooms. The kids have it the worst, I don't think it has cooled below 80 degrees in their rooms overnight for the past 3 nights. Miserable. Hopefully the heat wave will be over soon.

In family news:
We went on a date for our anniversary. We have been married fourteen years now. Whew! Quite an accomplishment if you ask me. We tried a new restaurant in town, it was pretty good then we went to a movie. I just finished reading The DaVinci Code so we saw that. It helped that I had read the book because there was a lot of stuff that My Honey didn't get. It sort of jumps around, and surprisingly it was kind of slow. It was nice to spend some time together.

Bubba went to a kid camp program last week with BB. "Creature Camp". It was a good break for us both. It was all about insects. He learned a new song (think "Head, shoulders, knees and toes")

"Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen
Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen
Antennae, wings, six legs, compound eyes
Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen" absolutely adorable being sung by 4-6 year olds!
So he didn't want to hold the stick bug but he did want to hold the snake!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot

So I mentioned this HOT outfit a few days ago. I happened to wear it to work yesterday ~ at least 75% of the people I was working with complimented me on it. The thing is, I have worn said outfit at least 8 times before and never has anyone said boo about it. So I post that it's my hottest outfit and BAM! People notice it (no, they aren't reading my blog - trust me). So I have to wonder, is it really a HOT outfit or was I just thinking it was HOT and so I exuded hotness? I will never know. But it was really interesting.

In Kid News:

Punkin Head - *sigh* she is exhausting me. Literally. She has been waking (again) at 4am. Now don't get me wrong when I say this, but, "what was I thinking having a second kid?" I love them both dearly and I know that some day life won't be this exhausting but right now it sure has me down (again). So I keep on keeping on "this too shall pass." Vacation without the kids in Las Vegas is just a mere 9 1/2 weeks away (no pun intended - but thats actually pretty funny...) The kids will have a blast with Grandma and Grandpa and we will do Las Vegas.

Aside from the sleep issues she is a great baby. Rarely fussy, (when she wakes at 4am she goes right back to sleep after a bottle) smiles a lot, hasn't quite learned how to laugh out loud yet but you can tell when she thinks something is really funny. Luckily she hasn't learned to crawl either!! She is easy to entertain, her favorite toy lately is the car keys. And when she goes to sleep she goes right down. So in the grand scheme of things, she is a good kid.

Bubba, he is a good kid too. He was singing a song recently that went something like this "I was the only kid until you came along and now there are two." Aww, isn't that sweet, seems to me there was some kind of malicious verse too, but I can't remember it. I think he' s struggling with not being the "only" one these past two weeks. I have him enrolled in "Creature Camp" next week which will be nice. We can both use the break.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Camping 2

So the camping trip with my mom turned out to be a bust. What's fun about camping when its 100 degrees out during the day and the mosquitos come out durnig the night? So Bubba didn't end up getting to camp. No biggie, there is always next year.

He is the smartest 4-year old you ever will meet tho. This is a recent conversation with him:
"Bubba will you get me a coke out of the fridge in the garage please?"
*right, thats okay because I am too lazy to get it myself, why should I expect him to get it if I don't want to? I think to myself.*
A few minutes later My Honey comes upstairs:
"Dad will you get your wife a coke out of the refrigerator in the garage?"
The thing that is amazing and funny about this exchange is that my son calls me "your wife" to his dad. What 4 year old calls his mom "your wife" to his dad? The same one that calls his grandparents "your mom" or "your dad" when he is referring to them in casual conversation. Quite the brain that one. Never at a loss for entertainment in my house.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Thanks Thrusher for the tag, I had just about given up on you - not really!

5 things in my closet:
Maternity clothes - yes I know its been 8 months but I am slower these days
Cool purple flip flops
New running shoes
1 Hot outfit from Maurices (where I never shop because I am too old)
Sweaters - I was slow in the spring too

5 things in my fridge
Margarita mix
Dill pickles
Yougurt in a variety of flavors that don't have chunks
Sun tea

5 things in my car - which one??
Kid Car - the explorer
Car seats, crumbs (which are starting to smell), toys, blanket for the park and stroller.
Cool car - the jeep
Def Leppard CD, hat. What else would you need in the jeep??

5 things in my purse
Cool Razr cell phone that I dont know how to use except make calls and receive calls
4-color pen from work
3 sets of keys
iPAQ - this I know how to use
"Moonlit Path" lotion by Bath and Body works

Wow! That was a lot of work. Thanks for the brain exercise.