Friday, April 26, 2013

A little walkie-walk

Took a little walk today. It was really, really nice out, shorts and a t-shirt nice! The dog and I did 6.5 miles here. It was beautiful! -- How come I didn't know this area existed when I was a kid?

Monday, April 08, 2013

Games two through FOUR

Okay, so the rest of our games deserve some air time. We won our division championship. It is true we had a not-so-novice group, but it made it fun. And I learned a lot and.. We won!

Mostly I want to say playing with those upper division ladies could be really discouraging, but they make it a lot of fun and a really good learning experience. They're all in it to help us become better players. They could take a cranky "I can do it better and faster without you" tone but they don't and that's one of the things I love about our hockey league.

They also took into consideration the skill of the other team and tried to switch it up so they were playing unfamiliar positions making us a little more novice.

I had the chance to play wing and defense, I declined center. And I was in the right place at the right time to poke one in for a point during the championship game!

All in all a super great weekend. The kids even had fun staying "in a HOTEL! With a POOL!!" And they got to see their grands and an auntie which is always a good time.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Game one

I'm not sure I will actually post about games two and three, but game one was a great experience and I just want to jot it down.

I'm at an out of town tournament playing with a whole bunch of ladies that are a lot more experienced than me, but at the same time they are having to "play down" because we are in a novice division. Last nights game reminded me why I love this group; they're patient, encouraging and set each other up for success. And they have fun and enjoy doing it.

So this group has a pretty solid defense set-up so I am playing wing. My Honey was giving me some pointers before the game - play like you're 10 points ahead and you want to keep it that way, your job is to be there for the rebound or to take it all the way and hit it in. That kind of stuff.

Well it worked! I was there for several rebounds (nothing made it in) I took it to the net (nothing made it in) and I caught quite a few passes, and even had successful passes to my teammates that were assists in goals! So my personal stats were pretty impressive- two assists and the other team voted me MVP.

Even without the MVP it was a great game! So looking forward to the next two. AND I even get a cheering section :) some of my west side family and maybe some friends will be at the games today. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

The bittersweet? My friend and coach T is at a different tournament this weekend so she is missing it all. I did send her a text about how her little girl is getting all grown up.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spring Break

This past week the kids have been on Spring Break. They got two extra days off due to conferences. I'm actually glad it worked out that way since the extra days were my days off from work too. My sister-in-law from Portland and her family were in town so I got to spend more time with them than usual, including a little girls-night-sleep-over with the cousins at my house that inclcuded pizza, dressing up, makeup, fingernail polish and sleeping on the floor. Total chaos! But a really fun time for everyone.

 During Spring Break-proper, I had to work so I signed Hannah up for a Y program she still enjoys and Bubba did a row and paddle camp. If I were a 4th-8th grader I would have LOVED the row camp, in fact, they should do an adult version! The kids met at the park Monday through Thursday from 9-noon, learned about rowing canoes, kayaks and paddle boards and on the final day they canoed down the Columbia from Confluence park to the boat launch a few miles away. What a totally great time! Bubba had a blast. They also learned CPR and got to explore the conservation areas at the park. Two thumbs up! The Y program is still just right for Hannah, group games, swimming and some arts and crafts. They have both been wore out all week.

Tomorrow we leave for Everett for my final hockey tournament. It's the only out of towner I was able to do this year, the other one I signed up for didn't get enough participants. I took on the responsibility of booking hotels, I sure hope I did it right .... Every email I've sent out since then has had an error in it about something or other so I am hoping everything works out. We have a totally cushy schedule, first game Friday night at 7:30, Saturday games at 12:30 and 6:30. IF we make a championship game it would be at noonish on Sunday so we don't get home too late either! The kids are looking forward to a hotel "WITH A POOL!!" and Cabela's.