Saturday, April 06, 2013

Game one

I'm not sure I will actually post about games two and three, but game one was a great experience and I just want to jot it down.

I'm at an out of town tournament playing with a whole bunch of ladies that are a lot more experienced than me, but at the same time they are having to "play down" because we are in a novice division. Last nights game reminded me why I love this group; they're patient, encouraging and set each other up for success. And they have fun and enjoy doing it.

So this group has a pretty solid defense set-up so I am playing wing. My Honey was giving me some pointers before the game - play like you're 10 points ahead and you want to keep it that way, your job is to be there for the rebound or to take it all the way and hit it in. That kind of stuff.

Well it worked! I was there for several rebounds (nothing made it in) I took it to the net (nothing made it in) and I caught quite a few passes, and even had successful passes to my teammates that were assists in goals! So my personal stats were pretty impressive- two assists and the other team voted me MVP.

Even without the MVP it was a great game! So looking forward to the next two. AND I even get a cheering section :) some of my west side family and maybe some friends will be at the games today. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

The bittersweet? My friend and coach T is at a different tournament this weekend so she is missing it all. I did send her a text about how her little girl is getting all grown up.

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LSL said...

WOW! Huge congrats, MVP! That is amazing - think of how far you've come. Very inspirational. And fun, too? Awesome :)