Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010

Somewhere it is January 1st

Since I will be headed to bed long before midnight (in fact I will be getting up AT midnight to get ready for work)


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"Something completely unexpected that lifts our spirits ..."

It's closing in. The end of 2009. I wonder what 2010 holds.

Contemplation, celebration, closure. I would like to spend a few minutes, hours, days maybe thinking on these words. There's just enough time to spend a day on each word.

Contemplation ...
Celebration ...
Closure ...

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Now its time for the post-Christmas blues.

Coming down off the sugar high, the booze, and the other self-indulgent stuff of the past week. Sleeping in, eating very poorly, sitting around all day and all night, sleeping in, good food. Did I mention sleeping and eating? Drinking? :)

Its the days after, where you look at all the loot and go "but I didn't get a ..." or "Jeez, I am such a spoiled brat." Personally, spoiled brat is where I am at!

We had so many Christmas celebrations I lost count. It started two weekends ago when LK was in town. We did a birthday/Christmas thing with her. Then last weekend my dad was in town and we did a "Miller Christmas" thing with that side of the family and then a Christmas/birthday thing for the kids with my dad and his family. (That's 3 if you have lost count.)

Sunday of that weekend we went to My Honey's work party where Santa always shows up with something for the kids. Wednesday was family dinner with my mom. Thursday was Christmas Eve with My Honey's family. Friday was Christmas Day at home then dinner at his sisters'. Saturday ... What did we do yesterday? I think nothing. We took the kids out in the afternoon to get some fresh air and to do some shopping (where we all got something new). Today my step-dad visited then we went grocery shopping aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we're done! Whew! Five of the past 7 days my kids have opened at least one present. This week will be such a downer.

Maybe I will re-wrap their presents so they don't feel un-spoiled. Whatever. I won't. I think that was seven Christmas celebrations in all. GROSS. I mean, really. Who needs SEVEN Christmas celebrations? Correction: EIGHT. Eight Christmases. Double gross.

Some would be thankful for just one. I realize and appreciate that. I really do. How do I transfer that knowledge to my kids? Interesting question.

Now its into the work week. Sort of. I don't work until Wednesday, but I really need to work on getting to bed early. Maybe being forced to get out of bed before 10:30 in the morning will help? The past few days My Honey has taken the morning shift. Lucky me. But not so much when it comes to going back to work!

Early morning swim or aerobics, here I come!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nearly the end

The girls
My kids and Cousin Hunter
One more Christmas to go. I keep thinking "this is the last one" but then one more relative that has presents calls. The last one is my step-dad. Is he still my step-dad if he and my mom are divorced? He visits nearly every Christmas, brings the kids a present. Really a sweet guy. He is bringing his girlfriend this year...

We celebrated at my sister in law's yesterday. It was bittersweet. Her father in law passed away on the 20th. There were lots of "firsts." The most poignant was the first family dinner where he didn't bless the meal.

All in all, a very relaxing Christmas. Why? Because I didn't work. What a difference THAT made! Note to self: TAKE CHRISTMAS OFF EVERY YEAR. Too late for next year, but I did manage to get the week before off which should also help.

We had a fun family day today. Once I got up and go going that is. No one bothered me till I got out of bed at 1030! Another reason to take time off! We went to some after-Christmas sales. New towels anyone? Fred Meyer rocks!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fooled again

The cousins last night

The cousins on Bubba's birthday
Ahhhhh, I'm on vacation from work for a few days and its kind of nice. Sort of different than usual and I don't know why. Its a good different. I just can't pinpoint what is is or why. But its good. Peaceful. Quiet. Nice.

It's not like I have NOTHING to do ... we had a Christmas party at my Mom's last night, a party at my MIL's tonite and our own family stuff on Christmas day, plus maybe visiting with my SIL's extended family on Christmas day. But its just that things feel calmer than usual for the holidays. I have nothing left to do but just enjoy which is really nice!

We had a nice time at my Mom's last night! My brother and his new (5 month old) daughter were there. I am such a loser-aunt, I have not even met her yet (yeah, they live about a mile away .... LOSER) but she was smitten with me! And I with her. She has SO MUCH HAIR! and such a yummy chubby face, her daddy's eyes and a sweet temperament. She looked like a little Santa's helper in her Christmas outfit. Very cute.

My Honey MADE me open my Christmas present(s) early. Which reminded me of the year he proposed, on Christmas Eve, before we went to any family dinners. I will never forget going to his surrogate parents' house (you know the kind, your best friends parents that you have called "mom & dad" since you can remember?) "Mom" opened the door and said "well let me see the ring!!!" She was very excited for us.

Anyway, he had bought a box of Frangos, carefully opened it, hidden the ring box inside, and that was my Christmas present. I didn't realize the ring box was inside the Frango box, he had to ask me if I wanted to eat one. Funny thing was I had actually looked the package over to see if it had been tampered with and judged the weight to make sure that is what it was (I am an EXPERT snooper) and it looked and felt just right to me! He's a good fooler!

Fast forward 19 Christmases, he fooled me again. Inside the box for my new iPod-stereo-thing was a new iTouch!!! YAY! He had to tell me to open it all the way, so I was expecting a CD inside, HA! Fooler! Good work :) Again. That's My Honey.
Thanks Love :)

** 4 pm **
I just gotta say I rock! I got the stereo set up, working, playing cd's, radio or my Touch, just need one connector thing to hook it to the TV. Got my Touch all sync'd AND figured out how to get pictures on it too! Next step, video. Kids were pretty good all day, getting ready for dinner at the MIL's house. Bottle of wine chilling for after. Ready for a nice quiet evening!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Merry Christmas to you all
Me and My 3 H's

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Third Monday

Maybe I should have taken pictures? It didn't even occur to me!

Bubba and I spend the day together. Miss I had preschool and was at day care all day so it was just us. Just like the old days. When he was 3 & 4 years old we would go out for lunch pretty regularly and hang out downtown. So that's what we did. We dropped Miss I off, got ourselves lattes (hot chocolate for him) and then set out for the Y. My Honey had forgotten his wallet, cell phone and nitro (you never know)so we dropped that off then walked downtown. We checked out a few shops, had lunch then he got to hang out at grandmas for awhile because I had an appointment for a massage. (Ahhhh! I dozed off several times.) I picked him up, we did some more shopping then headed home.

I was getting ready to go get Miss I when Bubba asked me the question of the day. The year really.... "Can I stay at home while you go." *gulp* really?

It makes sense, he's EIGHT now and he has a new Nintendo DS. I could pretty much walk out the door and he wouldn't notice while he is playing! Anyway, it was a moment; my son who doesn't like to go upstairs to his room alone, wants to say at the house alone while I drive away in the car for 15 minutes. Yes, he got to stay home. And he did fine. Until he got hungry 3 minutes after I left, then he called me to see what he could have for a snack!

All in all a really fun day. Now we're into day two of vacation. Both kids are home today, so far so good. Too bad there isn't any snow! Thankfully its nice so the kids can go outside and play.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Second Monday

I spent the day shopping! Christmas is nearly wrapped up (no pun intended), just a few things left.

Last week was pretty busy. We had a pre-school Christmas program on Thursday night, LK and Mason arrived on Friday. Birthday party at our house on Saturday night for Bubba (he's EIGHT now!). A little shopping Sunday, LK left, and then a party at My Honey's work. Shew! It was go-go-go from Thursday on. Lots of late nights. Quite a few crabby-pants kids!! Miss I actually slept at daycare today, hopefully she will still sleep tonite.

This week promises to be more of the same. A little work drama. Overtime shifts on Thursday and Friday. My dad, his wife and my youngest sister are coming either Friday or Saturday, and a party Saturday afternoon. Then My dad will be leaving on Sunday. Additionally, it's its my long work week so that makes it early to bed for me.

Thankfully, after this week, only one more work day then I have 6 days off including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I don't remember the last Christmas Day I had off. Pretty sure it's been since I was on maternity leave 4 years ago! Wow! Maybe I will check my archives and see ...

Monday, December 07, 2009

First Monday

So, I ended up cleaning/re-arranging the living room so I can put out the Christmas stuff. It looks nice right now.

I took out a chair/ottoman that were spewing feathers everywhere for the past few years. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chairs, but they're just old. I got rid of the first one last summer and finally did away with the second one and the ottoman today. Bye-bye chairs, I will miss you! But, for extra seating I want to add a piece of furniture, a love seat from the basement. It's gonna take at least 3 of us though, because of the recliners on both ends. Hopefully this weekend.

Another problem is plugging in my laptop. Our house is 50 or 60 years old so most of the outlets are just the two-hole jobbers. My laptop requires a three-prong-jobber. I think once the love seat is up here it won't be a problem.

The last problem is the TV. A few years back we bought a flat screen, I don't know what size, but It seemed HUGE then since there hadn't been a TV in the living room for a year or so. Now, that HUGE TV seems a tad small. Remind me not to tell My Honey I am thinking that! It's not a problem, really. I would really rather NOT have a TV in the living room, but since we have one ...

It was very, very, very cold today. I think the high was 25*. Brrrrr! The kids didn't get to go outside before school or for morning recess. (The school district has a policy of keeping them inside unless its above 15* and it wasn't that "warm" until after lunch today.)

Speaking of lunch, I had the nicest, quietest lunch today. All alone. By myself. So nice! I can't wait until next Monday!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Happy (early) birthday Bubba

What fun!
The Hockey game was a blast last night! Quite a late night for me considering I had been up since 2am and didn't get to sleep until after midnight, but it was soooooooo FUN!!! The boys each got a stocking cap with "lets go wild" on it, plus a teddy bear to toss on the ice and a TON of candy. Luckily no one got sick!

Bubba invited two of his friends, including his Best Buddy since pre-school to the game and we had a fun time. They sat in the row in front of us so there was the whole, "we are so cool because we don't have to sit with your parents" thing going on. It was great!

LK will be here this weekend! YAY! It should be a lot of fun with all the kids and fun birthday/Christmas stuff to do :)

I did myself a favor last week; when I paid for Miss I's preschool, I added one day a week of daycare. Guess which day? MONDAY! That would be tomorrow :)

I have several options ... Cross country skiing in Leavenworth? (Doesn't look like any new snow. Although, we got a skiff last night.) Christmas shopping? Decorating for Christmas? (Maybe.) Cleaning? (NO! I used a birthday gift and had my house cleaned last week!! That should last me for at least a month!) Guess I will just have to see what I am in the mood for when I am done at the school tomorrow.

The rest of the week isn't too bad. No overtime this week and my long weekend. (Except for a few hours I am working for the gal that went in EARLY for me today, bless her heart.) I am looking forward to that!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Not only is the countdown to Christmas, it is also the countdown until I don't have to haul my lazy butt out of bed at 2am. I just counted, because I am a glutton for punishment, just how many more of these shifts I have left - 18. That's it, then a year of waking up at 4am which actually sounds a LOT better!

I had a LONG work week last week, several overtime shifts that royally kicked my ass. I slept and slept and slept the weekend away. Then, to make up for it, I shopped yesterday and today! Just groceries and stuff, but Miss I and I had fun, plus we took a few minutes to look at Christmas decorations and stuff.

On another note, I am saddened, I don't think that's a strong enough word, distraught, maybe, or just plain disgusted out-of-my-mind at the senseless killing of four Lakewood (WA) police officers over the weekend.

It saddens me for the families of the officers, their spouses, their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, kids, nieces, nephews ... well, you get he picture. People in law enforcement know what they are getting into, they prepare for it, their families prepare for it, but I think they all hope it doesn't happen to them. I sure the hell hope it doesn't happen to any of my guys.

I cannot imagine receiving the 911 call that says there were shots fired, statusing your officers and not getting an answer and just knowing. Because you would. The minutes that seem like hours before someone can get there to check on them only to find out you were right. And THEN the wait. The wait to see if it is really who you think it is. The wait to notify the families. The wait to find the rat bastard that did it.

The anger, rage really, that I feel toward the suspect cannot compare to the sorrow of all those involved. The sorrow is far reaching. It affects those in all kinds of public safety jobs, from all around the country. And you know who else? That rat bastard's family. He is someones son, maybe someones husband, or a father. There is another whole family destroyed. Granted, it may not have been much to begin with, but the fact remains he is dead too. And someone has to live with killing him. True, it is what they are trained to do, but taking a life is taking a life.

I could go on, but it doesn't get me anywhere. Grief is grief.

Disgusting. Disturbing. Senseless. Sad. Just plain sad.