Monday, December 14, 2009

Second Monday

I spent the day shopping! Christmas is nearly wrapped up (no pun intended), just a few things left.

Last week was pretty busy. We had a pre-school Christmas program on Thursday night, LK and Mason arrived on Friday. Birthday party at our house on Saturday night for Bubba (he's EIGHT now!). A little shopping Sunday, LK left, and then a party at My Honey's work. Shew! It was go-go-go from Thursday on. Lots of late nights. Quite a few crabby-pants kids!! Miss I actually slept at daycare today, hopefully she will still sleep tonite.

This week promises to be more of the same. A little work drama. Overtime shifts on Thursday and Friday. My dad, his wife and my youngest sister are coming either Friday or Saturday, and a party Saturday afternoon. Then My dad will be leaving on Sunday. Additionally, it's its my long work week so that makes it early to bed for me.

Thankfully, after this week, only one more work day then I have 6 days off including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I don't remember the last Christmas Day I had off. Pretty sure it's been since I was on maternity leave 4 years ago! Wow! Maybe I will check my archives and see ...

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