Monday, December 07, 2009

First Monday

So, I ended up cleaning/re-arranging the living room so I can put out the Christmas stuff. It looks nice right now.

I took out a chair/ottoman that were spewing feathers everywhere for the past few years. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chairs, but they're just old. I got rid of the first one last summer and finally did away with the second one and the ottoman today. Bye-bye chairs, I will miss you! But, for extra seating I want to add a piece of furniture, a love seat from the basement. It's gonna take at least 3 of us though, because of the recliners on both ends. Hopefully this weekend.

Another problem is plugging in my laptop. Our house is 50 or 60 years old so most of the outlets are just the two-hole jobbers. My laptop requires a three-prong-jobber. I think once the love seat is up here it won't be a problem.

The last problem is the TV. A few years back we bought a flat screen, I don't know what size, but It seemed HUGE then since there hadn't been a TV in the living room for a year or so. Now, that HUGE TV seems a tad small. Remind me not to tell My Honey I am thinking that! It's not a problem, really. I would really rather NOT have a TV in the living room, but since we have one ...

It was very, very, very cold today. I think the high was 25*. Brrrrr! The kids didn't get to go outside before school or for morning recess. (The school district has a policy of keeping them inside unless its above 15* and it wasn't that "warm" until after lunch today.)

Speaking of lunch, I had the nicest, quietest lunch today. All alone. By myself. So nice! I can't wait until next Monday!

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