Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crack up!

Me: Morning Miss I
Miss I: Shhh mama, my talkin
Me: Talkin? To who?
Miss I: ... Josh.

She was laying in her bed with her hand to the side of her head, near her ear. Kind of like she rolled over from sleeping with her hand under her head and just didn't move her hand, and that was the conversation she thought up. Isn't she clever? Where she came up with "Josh" is anyone's guess. Most likely Nickelodeon.

Monday, December 29, 2008

And a little craftiness

I saw an idea on this blog for making soap and I thought "even I could do that!" I had intended to do it last week with all my wee visitors, but I was afraid of how much work it would be. While Miss I took her nap, Bubba and I embarked on it. I had to improvise a little as I don't own any ice cube trays. But I do have a Popsicle tray and my brilliant girl DW suggested soap on a rope so there you have it: Our version of SAJ's soap making. My pictures didn't turn out very clear, but you get the idea. Bubba thought it was a great project. Its what he will end up giving his cousins for Christmas. (Surprise!) And it really wasn't that much work. Bubba suggested maybe we wanted to give some of them to the soap guy at the Farmers market next summer. I am thinking they might be kind of fun to sell at the market next year. I know, I know, biting off way more than I can chew, but it sounds fun right now!

That, a little shoveling and a phone call about an inept installer pretty much wrapped up my day! (Well, sort of, its still kind of early isn't it?)

Or not

I guess I was sick. All those aches didn't go away yesterday - and I tried everything short of getting all liquored up which would have been next if I hadn't fallen asleep! I just sat around the house drinking Market Spice tea and sucking Ricola sore throat drops.

I am still a little scratchy-throat-mild aches-want-to-sit-in-the-house-all-day feeling today, but I had the energy to bring in some wood, do some laundry and take a shower. Much improved over yesterday where doing the dishes made me feel like I had been run over by a truck! I didn't even have the energy to go grocery shopping and I LOVE getting out of the house!

Its snowing today, not sure how much we are supposed to get, so far its just a bit, but if it keeps up all day it could add up to a couple more inches. I love it that its been snowy for the past couple weeks. Even though it hasn't snowed every day, its been so darned cold that it hasn't melted or gotten the ugly, slushy, dirty look either. Even the berms in the roads are still white and pretty-ish.

Its nearly year end and I am feeling a little ... I don't know what about 2008. Looking back, it was a pretty tough year, but we made it through. I have high hopes for 2009; healing, happiness and honesty would be my three catch words I think. Last year I worked on making the best of social situations. Or not. I tried, I don't know that I made any great strides in that department. But there was definitely an awareness there. Melancholy. Maybe that's what I am feeling about the year end.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Achey brakey

My aching body.
I went cross country skiing yesterday and I am just a little sore! It was a pretty nice day and even though we went late in the day the trails were still in pretty good shape. Leavenworth has had some great snow, its all powder, but it groomed very nice.

My SIL and her SIL and I all went together. It was very pretty with the snow all piled up on the tree branches and the quietness of the forest was very relaxing. I had my camera in the car but its kind of bulky to ski with. We were all commenting on how great it was to be outside, and even though there were probably 60 or so other people skiing, we never felt crowded on the trail. Everyone goes at their own pace, you can stop anywhere along the way and rest and no one cares, and even though we were all there together it was alright to be ahead of the rest or behind or right in the middle of our group.

And at the end we went to a little place called O'Gradys Pantry for hot cocoa and a snack. What a cute little shop. Its just across the street from the parking lot for the ski area and connected to this posh resort called Sleeping Lady which I would hyper-link but something is wrong with my computer... grrrr. Better get that fixed.

Later we went to my SIL's for dinner with Auntie Portland, her husband and daughter before they brave the roads to get back to Portland. So its been a busy couple of days!

One more week of Christmas break and Bubba will finally be back to school. Two weeks off is a little much I think! I am hoping to take them sledding again this week. Maybe tomorrow unless I have my favorite Emilee on Tuesday in which case I will take them all on Tuesday.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Family, family, family

We sure saw a lot of them these past few days!

Christmas Eve at the in laws, Christmas day at my moms and the time in between together.

It was a nice Christmas. Very low key for me. Since I had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas day I didn't ask for any additional responsibilities as far as bringing stuff to the family gatherings, I also sat back and watched the kids open presents on Christmas instead of thinking I needed to take pictures of the whole event and it was soooooo much less stressful! And we went much simpler with gifts than we have in the past which was nice too.

One of greatest gifts were these turban-hair-drying-things. "Hairdini" I think they're called. We all donned out turbans and face coverings for a goofy Christmas picture. Aren't we the cutest thing?

We also got a pretty decent family photo in front of my moms tree.

Miss I was also adorable in (one of) her Christmas dresses.

And Bubba and Cousin Madi.

All in all a good couple of days.
Now its time for my long weekend! Hopefully some fun with my sisters-in-law and maybe a cross country ski adventure ...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tea and cookies

We've had a day!

We had a tea (cocoa) party this morning to kill a few minutes before we went sledding. After we had sledded for an hour the whole lot of us (4 adults and 7 kids under 12) came back to my house for a luncheon. Well, if you call macaroni & cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches a luncheon! My friends and their kids hung around till about 2 and then awhile later I sat down the kids in my care today and let them go CRAZY decorating cookies which is where they sit now. Soonly one of the moms will be here and I'll be down to 3.

What a fun day. Maybe I will get a repeat next Tuesday. I invited Emilee back.... we shall see.

It's supposed to start snowing tonight or tomorrow and continue for a couple days! Yay! This is the kind of winter I remember as a kid and loved!

Miss I was so fun sledding today. She and I went up and down and up and down and up and down! Bubba surprised me by sledding from the top of the hill a ton of times and carrying his sled back up every time. Only when it was time to go did he have a fit (who wouldn't?) The other two girls had a blast too until the gloves got too wet and cold. Luckily it was lunch time then :) Unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures because I was busy sledding.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter wonderland

We have something like 12 or 14 inches of new snow. Okay maybe only 10. What ever it is its great! I love the snow! I could do without the single digit temps we have had for the past week, but we are off to a good start today with double digits and I think I even saw them going above 20! Its a regular heat wave!

We went to my moms house to go sledding today. It was a great time. Her apartment has a gentle hill that is perfect for Miss I who is only 3 and Bubba who is kind of wimpy. Tomorrow we are going to the school down the street with the faster, steeper hill and see how we do. I'm a tad bit nervous about it as I will be taking my 2 kids, my niece and DW's daughter. I think there's going to be a few folks and their kids from work too so it shouldn't be that bad. Then we are going to come back to my house for cocoa and lunch.

Later, while Miss I hopefully takes a nap, the older 3 kids will get to decorate cookies. Luckily my mom had an event at work last night where they didn't use all the cookies and sprinkles so I don't have to bake or go to the store for that kind of stuff. Cool huh?

Speaking of going to the store; I feel like there are all these last minute things I should buy - mostly Christmas morning stuff, if you catch my drift. So I am going to do the last of that tonight. Wish me luck.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Another Pink Door photo

It is freaking cold here. 12 degrees. Before factoring in the wind. Its supposed to be like this for a couple weeks, I guess. We'll be having a fire every day that's for sure!

That's the kids at Bubba's birthday dinner on Thursday night. He chose the Mexican restaurant so they would sing "Happy Birthday" to him. He loves to be the center of attention. (Positive attention, thankfully)

Grandma just called, "Can you bring the kids by after school tomorrow so they can play with CH & K and we can decorate cookies and have pizza..." and all kinds of other fun stuff! Can I? Oh yeah! Wonder if I could sneak out for dinner with My Honey? Hmmmmm.

It's the last week of school before Christmas Break! I get an extra kid or three (?DW?) next Tuesday so I am planning on doing cookies too and maybe some kind of craft project for the older kids, we shall see.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowy in Seattle

Can you see the snow? Its snowing in Seattle! Crazy!

Well, I had a blast in Seattle! Definetely a "do over."

My sister and I met at the Paramount downtown where we were staying, and then we were off eating and shopping, returning bags and bags of stuff to the hotel, shopping and eating and walking. We walked MILES! And miles! And shopped, boy did we shop and then we ate and ate! MMMMM

The Pink Door as we left it, empty!

My sister made a reservation at a place called The Pink Door, what fun! The place was jam-packed when we arrived for our 8:15 reservation (I don't remember the last time I had dinner at 8:15, probably never.) It reminded me of a place I ate one time in Chicago, the tables all full of loud people, the Italian aromas, the whole atmosphere. We had the chef's tasting menu where they bring you a 4 course meal. Holy cow, we loved it! That and a bottle of great Italian Chianti made for a wonderful meal, not to mention the company, thanks Sis!

We also had a great lunch both days. I went across the street to a place called Ruth's Chris Steak House for dinner last night, but didn't do a whole steak dinner thing, just an appetizer and drink. Their menu looked like one I would love to try though with several different kinds of steaks and side dishes.

All in all a good trip, sans the drives. The mountain passes were bad. It only made a 30 minute difference in my drive time, but the stress is all in my shoulders and neck. I am stiff as a board and ache from sitting at attention for 2 hours each way! The jeep did fine (or rather, the driver) and I made it to where I was supposed to be. (Even after trying to go north on I5 instead of south. Oh well, every road leads somewhere!)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was commenting to Bubba how good he was in Karate the other day and he says to me "well I am almost seven Mom." Of course! Thats why, duh!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Get ready to rummmmbllllle

We went to a cage-fight last night. Who me? Yes me! I like a good fight and it just so happened that our babysitter was fighting in one of the bouts, even more reason to go. Actually, that's the only reason we knew they were going on! I am not sure I would have looked into a mixed-martial-arts-cage-fighting type of show, but it was fun and interesting to watch. Who me? I KNOW! I think a few of my local law-enforcement-type friends working the show were a little surprised to see me there. You just never know!

Its been a long week getting back into work, and wouldn't you know, I took two days off next week (and I am thinking of taking the third one off) so I am never going to get back into the swing of things until after Christmas! Oh, and then my schedule changes so there will be that adjustment. Sheesh, no rest for the weary!

I originally took Th/F off next week to clean and get ready for Bubbas 7th birthday stuff. My baby turns 7 on Friday. I'm not sure how I feel about that. We received a generous gift from some friends of ours to have a party for Bubba at the fire department, but when I called to schedule it, the 12th was already scheduled and I had to book it for the 19th instead.

Since I already have this Th/F off and its my long weekend and there isn't a party, My Honey suggested that I take our Christmas shopping list and go to the west side to do our Christmas shopping! What a treat! I can hardly wait. My plan is to wake on Friday, give Bubba a great birthday breakfast, take Bubba to school, Miss I to Grandmas and then return to school to help out. He is the snack kid that day so I will stay through snack time and then head out of town. YES I am feeling a little guilty for leaving town on his Birthday. You have no idea how guilty. Have I ever mentioned how I never felt like my birthday was very special at my house? And now look what I am doing. Such a bad mom! But I am doing what I can before I skip town!

My sister and I are going to shop together and might even spend the night in downtown Seattle, we shall see how that works out .... If not, I will spend a night or two with them and then head home on Sunday. It should be a great weekend! And I don't believe there is any snow in the forecast so the drive should be perfect.

And that's my week. I am considering taking Wednesday off too. Then I could actually spend a day cleaning my dirty, dirty house. But Probably not!

Oh, and our babysitter won her match! Way to go!!