Sunday, December 28, 2008

Achey brakey

My aching body.
I went cross country skiing yesterday and I am just a little sore! It was a pretty nice day and even though we went late in the day the trails were still in pretty good shape. Leavenworth has had some great snow, its all powder, but it groomed very nice.

My SIL and her SIL and I all went together. It was very pretty with the snow all piled up on the tree branches and the quietness of the forest was very relaxing. I had my camera in the car but its kind of bulky to ski with. We were all commenting on how great it was to be outside, and even though there were probably 60 or so other people skiing, we never felt crowded on the trail. Everyone goes at their own pace, you can stop anywhere along the way and rest and no one cares, and even though we were all there together it was alright to be ahead of the rest or behind or right in the middle of our group.

And at the end we went to a little place called O'Gradys Pantry for hot cocoa and a snack. What a cute little shop. Its just across the street from the parking lot for the ski area and connected to this posh resort called Sleeping Lady which I would hyper-link but something is wrong with my computer... grrrr. Better get that fixed.

Later we went to my SIL's for dinner with Auntie Portland, her husband and daughter before they brave the roads to get back to Portland. So its been a busy couple of days!

One more week of Christmas break and Bubba will finally be back to school. Two weeks off is a little much I think! I am hoping to take them sledding again this week. Maybe tomorrow unless I have my favorite Emilee on Tuesday in which case I will take them all on Tuesday.

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