Saturday, December 06, 2008

Get ready to rummmmbllllle

We went to a cage-fight last night. Who me? Yes me! I like a good fight and it just so happened that our babysitter was fighting in one of the bouts, even more reason to go. Actually, that's the only reason we knew they were going on! I am not sure I would have looked into a mixed-martial-arts-cage-fighting type of show, but it was fun and interesting to watch. Who me? I KNOW! I think a few of my local law-enforcement-type friends working the show were a little surprised to see me there. You just never know!

Its been a long week getting back into work, and wouldn't you know, I took two days off next week (and I am thinking of taking the third one off) so I am never going to get back into the swing of things until after Christmas! Oh, and then my schedule changes so there will be that adjustment. Sheesh, no rest for the weary!

I originally took Th/F off next week to clean and get ready for Bubbas 7th birthday stuff. My baby turns 7 on Friday. I'm not sure how I feel about that. We received a generous gift from some friends of ours to have a party for Bubba at the fire department, but when I called to schedule it, the 12th was already scheduled and I had to book it for the 19th instead.

Since I already have this Th/F off and its my long weekend and there isn't a party, My Honey suggested that I take our Christmas shopping list and go to the west side to do our Christmas shopping! What a treat! I can hardly wait. My plan is to wake on Friday, give Bubba a great birthday breakfast, take Bubba to school, Miss I to Grandmas and then return to school to help out. He is the snack kid that day so I will stay through snack time and then head out of town. YES I am feeling a little guilty for leaving town on his Birthday. You have no idea how guilty. Have I ever mentioned how I never felt like my birthday was very special at my house? And now look what I am doing. Such a bad mom! But I am doing what I can before I skip town!

My sister and I are going to shop together and might even spend the night in downtown Seattle, we shall see how that works out .... If not, I will spend a night or two with them and then head home on Sunday. It should be a great weekend! And I don't believe there is any snow in the forecast so the drive should be perfect.

And that's my week. I am considering taking Wednesday off too. Then I could actually spend a day cleaning my dirty, dirty house. But Probably not!

Oh, and our babysitter won her match! Way to go!!

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