Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tea and cookies

We've had a day!

We had a tea (cocoa) party this morning to kill a few minutes before we went sledding. After we had sledded for an hour the whole lot of us (4 adults and 7 kids under 12) came back to my house for a luncheon. Well, if you call macaroni & cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches a luncheon! My friends and their kids hung around till about 2 and then awhile later I sat down the kids in my care today and let them go CRAZY decorating cookies which is where they sit now. Soonly one of the moms will be here and I'll be down to 3.

What a fun day. Maybe I will get a repeat next Tuesday. I invited Emilee back.... we shall see.

It's supposed to start snowing tonight or tomorrow and continue for a couple days! Yay! This is the kind of winter I remember as a kid and loved!

Miss I was so fun sledding today. She and I went up and down and up and down and up and down! Bubba surprised me by sledding from the top of the hill a ton of times and carrying his sled back up every time. Only when it was time to go did he have a fit (who wouldn't?) The other two girls had a blast too until the gloves got too wet and cold. Luckily it was lunch time then :) Unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures because I was busy sledding.

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LSL said...

Those cookies are great. Exactly how every kid decorates cookies - with as much candy as will possible fit on it! Have a great holiday.