Saturday, October 27, 2007

Follow up

I got the house cleaned after all. With the exception of vacuuming, I desperately need to take the vacuum to the shop for what I hope is a minor repair, the switch doesn't work.

After what started out as a 2 hour overtime shift turned into 6 hours and nearly being up 24 hours, I am still irritated at work.

The toilet is back in working order. (WHEW) I am so thankful for that. My Honey took care of that while I taught someone to can pears on Thursday.

I still don't know which way to lean for a re-model project. Maybe once the rental stuff is cleared up I will feel like thinking about it. Speaking of the rental, I went there today. Its a single wide mobile home on a small piece of property here in town. We lived in it for years 2-10 of our marriage. It was just right for then.

One of the outbuildings on the property is an old pickers cabin. Agriculture is, well, used to be the main thing here, so the farmers had living quarters for their workers at or near their orchards. Our property used to be an orchard and has two such buildings left. We use one for storage, we let the renter use a smaller one for their storage and the lawn mower and stuff related to the rental. Its about 10 x 20 and has an 8 x 8 lean-too that was a bathroom. We lived in this "cabin" for the first year of our marriage. As I looked around it today and thought back to much simpler times I can't believe how differently we live now. Its worth a post all its own. Suffice it to say that all the laundry I put away yesterday would not have fit in the "closet" we had in the cabin. (AND THAT WAS JUST PART OF THE CLOTHES WE HAVE)

I am so looking forward to going out of town, I think I am getting a bit stressed though, I am CRANKY today. I just found out that one of my relatives wants to gamble a bit at the casino nearby. I hadn't counted on that. Fun Fun Fun!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nothing to say

Well, I was thinking I wanted to post something today, but what I should really do is clean the house.

I will say:

I am pissed about something at work, (but what's new.)

We had to TAKE OUT THE TOILET in one of our bathrooms because it got that plugged (note to self: close the door when not in use so the kids don't stuff it again). When My Honey put it back he then realized that there are other problems. I don't know exactly what, but something about the ring around the drain (the one under the toilet) is broken ...

We are thinking of doing a re-model project for this winter. Either the living room or family/laundry/bathroom. Either one would be a lot of work, but fun.

We have to get our rental cleaned up for a new renter in December.

I only have one week left until I get to go out of town. Alone. AND I scored an extra day off! Its costing me one, but it will be worth it.

School carnival on Saturday. We're going as a pirate family. ARRRGG.

And it guess that's it for now.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Miss I

I am thinking Punkin Head no longer suits my youngest. She is growing up and into herself and forcing us along the way. She is quite the sassy one, a careful observer and independent. Her new pseudonym shall be: Miss I. "I" for independent. I also like it because she has these EYES and I fear as two creeps up on us "I" will become a staple in her vocabulary. Miss I suits her in many ways. So from here forward "Punkin Head" is officially retired and "Miss I" it shall be.

Just today she pulled a Miss I. She went to the craft area, pulled out a bag of play dough and another of clay, marched herself to the table, set the bags on it then helped herself into her chair to play. And there she sits. Playing contentedly with clay. Its great having kids who like crafty junk. They get paper, pens, crayons, clay or play dough out and area occupied for awhile. Its interesting because each of them already have a preference. Miss I likes to play with clay. She is experimenting with drawing, but so far seems to prefer clay. Bubbas is drawing, and now writing stories with his pictures. Its been fascinating to watch his writing get so much better since the beginning of the school year and watch him put words and pictures together.

There is a school carnival coming up in a couple weeks. Bubba is selling raffle tickets (just a dollar each, pretty easy sell.) I took him into work to sell them a few days ago. He went to each person, used their name and asked if they wanted to buy a raffle ticket. His little sales pitch went something like this: (clears throat) "Lisa, would you like to buy a raffle ticket? I am selling them for my school carnival, they are one dollar each." Then he would answer their questions. It was precious. Who could resist? It was cute though, one gal wanted to buy more than one ticket and he said no. "Because then there wont be enough for the others to buy." Isn't that sweet?

Friday, October 19, 2007


My girl, DW writes about things she doesn't do, and I loved it. It was a closer glimpse into her life and much of it rang true for me too.

Here are some things on my list:
I don't always reply to my kids when they say "mom ..."
I don't (intentionally) watch TV - so you would think I had a lot of extra time
I don't pay attention when I spend money
I don't follow through well
I don't keep a list of "things to do" so nothing gets done
I don't put laundry away after its folded
(Until recently) I didn't cook dinner
I don't clean regularly

And I can get to feeling bad about it all. Guilt is the worst. It can become so consuming, overwhelming and just plain unbearable if left unchecked. It leads to anger, discontent and depression. It's hard, though not to feel guilty, when it comes to wanting to give our best and not being able to for whatever reason; time, money, disinterest, rebellion. Then, when guilt has settled in, its even harder to shake. It takes a lot of energy. A lot of positive self talk. A lot of asking for compliments, "Did you like dinner?" A lot of prayer, thankfulness, and awareness of our value.

So I try to keep in the front of my thoughts the things I DO do. Its a fluid list, but here is what I accomplished this week:
I washed and folded clothes (putting away was optional)
I cleaned up the kitchen each day (not every room, just the kitchen)
I didn't let the dirty laundry pile up too bad
I have cooked every night since Sunday (technically, since the beginning of October we have only eaten out twice, and someone else has cooked twice) WOW! Yay me
I met with my girls this morning which encouraged me
I worked my scheduled shifts and an OT shift
I met with my trainee to discuss some issues
I am taking the kids for pictures today (Antiquities, thanks again DW)
I got through another week of Bible study. That sounds bad, I am enjoying it, but it is a lot of time.
I shopped for Halloween costume stuff. (Which netted me a great pair of black boots for $3.50 at Goodwill, they are for my pirate costume, but I have worn them several times already)

Well, its not where I thought I would go with this post, but its where it went.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rambling (again)

We had a busy weekend and then into a busy work week. I have not figured out when to blog on this 3am schedule.

Friday we went out to Smallwoods Harvest with the kids cousin. We had originally planned on going in the morning, but it was raining so we went in the afternoon which turned out to be a little nicer. It was fun, the kids played all over. Swings, train, pumpkin patch, stick maze, petting zoo, everything.

On Saturday My Honey and I went with another couple on a wine tour.
It was pretty fun, but the bus was very uncomfortable. We visited 3 wineries and a production facility where they grow, smash and bottle for other wineries. My favorite place was the Chateau Saint Laurent. It had a beautiful facility, but my favorite wine was from Chateau Faire Le Pont. It just didn't have the bite of other wines. Mmmmm. I might get on their wine club mailing list. Then again, I could just drive the 4 miles across town to buy a bottle or 3 when I am out.

Sunday I got called into work for a few hours but it was alright. I worked with a ton of folks I don't normally see so it was good. And then back to work on Monday. With a trainee. The Trainee is doing alright. Sure is a lot of extra work.

(check back for more pix, blogger isn't loading right now)

Friday, October 12, 2007


It was out elementary school night at the varsity football game last night.

The kids got in free with an adult, we had our own cheering section (on the visitor side) and then the kids got to go out on the field to welcome the home team back at halftime. It was a lot of fun.

Bubbas favorite part of the football game was "The whole thing, I liked the whole thing, it was so, so fun." When I asked him about going out on the field, did he cheer the home team he said "No, my mouth just did this (and he makes a wide-open mouth and eyes face) and nothing came out." It was funny. The larger-than-life-varsity football team left him speechless. (Finally! We found something).

In other parts of my life:
I had (another) weekend scheduled in November to try and get out of town. This will be my third attempt since June. My first was in June to a Women of Faith conference, I couldnt get the time off and had to cancel about 2 weeks before the event. Labor Day just didn't work out for a lot of reasons. Now I am trying for November. Its just a Female Family Gathering with the in-laws in Oregon, but it was AWAY.

Then, My Honey came home from work one day and said he had a training to go to. The weekend I was away. Normally it would be okay except my babysitter (MIL) is going to the Female Family Gahering in Oregon so that leaves me high and dry without a babysitter and another weekend canceled. It was really disappointing. I said to my sister-in-law that there better be something better waiting for me. (Little did I know)

So I sucked it up and tried to think of a solution (to get my way). Then the brains of our family operation came up with the solution. "Call your dad." Great idea. Only he meant "Call your DAD." Dont go through his wife, call him direct and make the plans. YIKES. I have only called him directly for things twice in my life. And neither time was a success. It took me 3 days to work through a lot of feelings and emotions (I couldn't even think of it without getting teary) before I could do it.

Finally I called, and I spoke to him and I asked. And he was happy to make the arrangements, take a couple days off work and watch the kids. So I get to go to the Female Family Gathering in Oregon in November. Lucky, lucky me. Part of the appeal is the drive. Alone in a car with the music turned up loud, loud, loud! What ever I want, just driving. Its been a long time since I went alone on a road trip.
At least since Bubba was born almost 6 years ago. Ahh. Just 3 weeks.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Mad Hatter

It was spirit week at Bubba's school. Each day the kid were encouraged to wear a specific color and today was "wear a hat to school day." Pretty big deal since hats are taboo. When I asked Bubba which hat he was going to wear I was thinking of baseball caps. He has a red one and a blue one. "My Santa hat" he tells me. Well there you go. I love his individuality! I never would have thought of wearing anything but a regular old hat. Clever. That kid. Clever.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Our school Open House was Tuesday night. Bubba's teacher let us look at the journals they have been working on. They can draw pictures and write words or just draw pictures. Of course Bubba is drawing and writing. My favorite page was full of yellow orange, some pink, red and a brown mountain-looking thing in the center of the page. He had written "sunset very prity" on the bottom. It was priceless. I can't wait to get that for a keepsake!

This week at school has been a lot better. I think he was missing his grandparents and just didn't know it.

Work went pretty well this past week. 3am sure comes early! I did pretty well getting up. I worried about Wednesday morning. Tuesday was the open house night and My Honey had a meeting until after 9. I had to do the open house, dinner and get the kids down and myself in bed. I hoped we would all be done by 7:30. And we were. In fact I think we were all asleep by 7:40! Yay us!