Saturday, October 30, 2010

The short story

I have felt like a misfit at times. While others were getting invited to parties and out for drinks or whatever I sat home feeling a little sorry for myself (okay, sometimes A LOT sorry for myself.) I have often commented to My Honey that I felt like I was forgotten or invisible to others. And thought to myself that I must be unremarkable.

It has tested my courage to be sure. Some of it is about putting myself out there, trying new things that sound interesting, and getting involved. Not waiting to be asked. Just showing up.

Recently, like the Thursday before last, I was invited by a teacher at Bubba's school to a jewelry party. "Sounds fun!! Someone thought of me!! I must be okay!!" I checked in with My Honey and he said okay.

I had a great time at the party (not caring what others thought, but being "me" at the same time) I connected on a social level with a couple new women and I got reminded about a long-time wish; women's hockey.

About 5 years ago (FIVE?? holy crap!!) our babysitter and a friend of hers, invited me to play women's hockey. I thought it sounded great (!) but never got around to it that year or the next, or the next ... Fast forward to that Thursday night and someone totally unrelated is bringing it up. Telling me about practice and once again I feel a stir. Like it's something I should try. NOW. I check in with My Honey and get the same type of response as usual, "if you want to, but when will you find the time?" I sent our old babysitter an e-mail to find out more.

That Sunday (a week ago) I have not heard from the babysitter, but I see the friend and all she says is "6:00 tonite?" And I know. It's time. So I tell her someone mentioned it Thursday and I am very interested. She invited me over that day (that day!!!) to get suited up. So I did it. I went to her house, got suited up in all the stuff I need to play women's hockey.

I don't ice skate.

I've NEVER played sports.

But what the hell.

So I show up on Sunday and get ready to practice. It was pretty phenomenal. I'm not sure I feel like I belong, but I feel like I am making progress, like it was a step in the right direction of finding ... hmmm, finding something out about me I guess.

I showed up again on Friday morning for practice. I really do like it. A lot. I don't feel like I am doing it for anyone but me. No one has any expectation of me so I am not letting anyone down at all if I don't skate well or I don't ever figure out how to stop (it's an art form!) There is no expectation of performance, no requirement to do well or be the best or to take care of anyone but me.

It took courage to say yes to the party which led to hockey and I am really, really grateful I have not given up on myself. I still see me as having potential.

You have potential too my lovlies.
It's never too late. I am taking up a team sport as I near 40.
Have I mentioned its'my 40th birthday in less than two weeks? EEEEEEKK!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

One more thing

This is the coolest thing.
Those are my guys.
He is my neighbor.

Trick or Treat

Miss I dressed as a princess of some sort for a costume party last week. She especially loved wearing make up and getting her hair curled. Such a girly-girl.

Of course Bubba is a hunter this year. He also loved wearing makeup ..err, I mean painting his face. He did all that on his own! And then chose the pose for the picture.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mo' Fall

The temps are still mild, but the leaves are changing and the waters are receding.

Bubba and I went to the park on Wednesday so he could fish (he's such a little Huck Finn) and I could take some photos. Miss I was at grandmas so we could each do our own thing. He's starting to be MUCH more independent. It's a good and a bad thing. He has even started walking home from school with a friend (!) and yes, I am following and making sure it goes okay!

It's my long weekend and we have nothing planned. It will be nice to just hang out, get some cleaning up and winterizing done and be free to do stuff if it comes up. Maybe I will take a few minutes and jot down the rest of the stuff from my trip.

Friday, October 15, 2010


My trip started out great. Nice day for a drive down to Portland, didn't get lost ,(it's a pretty common occurrence, no big deal, every road leads somewhere,) found the Naked Winery in Hood River (try the red called Orgasmic!), made my way to my sister in law's house where I had dinner and then we headed downtown Milwaukie somewhere to find a wine bar. Turned out to be a pretty cute place, Wine:30. And this is where my trip could have turned to crap. We went out and my car wouldn't start. At. All. Dead. I guess I've already told that part, but, bear with me.

We attempted to jump it with no luck, so my brother in law took me back to my hotel. They had a busy-ish morning the next day so I didn't ask them for any help getting things going the next day. I just figured I would take care of it. And I did. The next morning I went downstairs, asked for a phone book and called Les Schwab and a cab, with some assistance from the WONDERFUL front desk clerk -- she was awesome! As I said, the guy from Les Schwab was there when the cab dropped me off, and I was nearly ready to roll. Those Portlanders are something else, doing that stuff in the rain with a smile on their face! Way to go! You guys are my heroes. I was irritated to be out in it for just a few minutes...

So off I went back to the hotel. Awhile later my sister in law called to check in and see if I needed anything. We ended up meeting later at Peet's coffee - another yum stop! I ended up there on accident while searching for the Clackamas Center. Then I drove in circles trying to find my way out. Luckily my sister in law was able to give me directions when she arrived later.

That night we went to a birthday party in Portland for my brother in law. It was at Old Town Pizza. MMMMM!! Yes, I wish I had taken my camera, it was a beautiful building with a lot of neat brick and woodworking, cool lighting and windows. After dinner we moved the party to Prost!. Another fun place that would have photographed well. It had stopped raining and we sat outside where it was a really mild evening. I met some friends of my sister & brother in law and had a couple drinks. Later it was back to the hotel.

It's fun to see so many neat places. My hometown gets a new place once in awhile but once you've been there, you've been there. Old Town Pizza is a do-over with the family some time. Prost! is a definite do-over with My Honey.

The next day wasn't without its own adventure. My dad in law's tire had gone flat. Not just flat, but a hole in the white-wall flat. Needed to be replaced, flat! On a Sunday! So he worked on that for the better part of the morning then it was off to Claim Jumpers for lunch and then on to the coast. We left rainy Portland for the beautiful coast. Who knew?

It was fun hanging with my mom & dad in law and my other sister & brother in law, but kind of lonely for my family too. I felt like a 5th wheel a LOT, and had to do some serious talking myself out of feeling left out, because I wasn't. Ever. But it's just one of those things, you know, that recording that plays when you're feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable or something? That one. I just had to turn it off a few times is all. Tell myself I was being ridiculous. Because I was.

We ate well! One night we ate at Tidal Raves, which was pretty good. The view was gorgeous and of course it was time for the sunset which made it even nicer. We waddled home after eating a HUGE dinner. Oh, and the Pendelton Lemonade? MMMMM!

Another night we at at Georgies. Now, that's the place! I had a delicious Artichoke & lime soup, (to die for! just think of artichoke dip, in a bowl, all for yourself. So rich, but so delicious) and halibut with pasta and alfredo sauce on the side. MMMMM! MMMMM!!! (Double-MMMM!!)

There's more to tell, check back later --

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lost in thought

I am still thinking about my trip south. There was so much that happened.
Two nights in Portland (at a hotel by myself -- heaven), a couple birthday parties, a swim with my nieces, a nice drive down the coast, BEAUTIFUL weather, great eats. A relaxing time with my sister in law, her hubby, and my mother and father in law, that spectacular kayak trip, and some interesting themes that kept popping up.

Do you ever see a bunch of movies that are all related somehow, same actor, same kind of story, same city? Or read several books in a row that had similar characters, or issues, or names? Serendipity. That's how that whole trip was. This theme of, well, I don't know what to call it, but remind me to tell you how it relates to wind machines and the environment. I know. But it works!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010




Holy cow!
I might need one of these,
Or two :)

Our guide, Linda, was terrific, my dad-in-law went with me so it was just us and Linda. She was not too chatty, but just informative enough. Let me lag behind taking pictures and recommended a FABULOUS place for dinner. I highly recommend Georgies in Depoe Bay. Very yum!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Yep, really. That is the sunset at the beach last night!! WOWZAH :)

And today? I'm wearing shorts!

(These are un-edited. I have been reading the how-to manual on my editing program. Hopefully I will get something great posted soon ...)

Saturday, October 09, 2010


What a great Portland experience so far!

The hotel is great, the gal at the front desk went above and beyond helping me get some phone numbers for Les Schwab and a cab to fetch me. Les Schwab is awesome, coming out in the rain to change my battery, better than that, I got to my car AFTER them and he had already started working on it! And then I had some great service at Peet's coffee and, well, its just been a great day.

Thankfully, it WAS the battery, so now I am up and running again :)

Now, if someone would just take the rain away. Actually, it isn't that bad. I'm not quite sure how to deal with wet pant legs tho ... lesson; don't sit with my legs crossed under me! I end up with a wet bum!

Going, going, gone

Well ....

I am on my way to the Oregon coast via Portland. I had intentions of stopping to photograph how beautiful the gorge is on the way down, but I didn't. Yeah, I know, I sound like a broken record when it comes to that don't I?

I did stop in my favorite little town, Hood River, and found a great winery called the "Naked winery." Funny little place! I will tell more about that later, I left my purchases, which have all the fun details I want to copy down, in the car which is DEAD.

Yeah. The car is dead. I found my way to my sister in law's house, we had supper, found my hotel and then went to check out a wine bar a couple miles away. We finished and went to my car and ... nothing. No lights, no "click, click, click" no nothing. LUCKILY she and my brother in law were still with me so I was safe and all. But still. Dead car. I figured it was the battery, it has never been replaced, and the Jeep is going on 8 years old. We tried to jump it, but as soon as I took my foot off the gas pedal it died again. So this morning I will call someone, Les Schwab probably, and get it taken care of.

Buh-mer! Stuck here with no wheels for now. Oh well. It's raining anyway.

I am hoping to meet up and go on this photo walk tomorrow. Sounds fun, yeah? I might just need me an umbrella though. What? I don't own an umbrella? Nope I live in the desert! I don't think I own waterproof shoes either ...

Friday, October 01, 2010


I had a little help editing my photo today. Miss I helped me pick out the picture and then she made the editing choices on this one:

I went back to the original and made my editing choices:

Lesson: We see the world differently and I am going to NEED to remember that.

It's going to be a fun night for everyone. Grandpa is surprising Bubba with a fishing trip after school. My dad and his wife are on their way over and will be staying with the kids while we go to the hockey game! I don't know why, but they are really excited to see the kids?

Too bad I have to spoil the whole weekend by having to work. Thankfully it's not at 3am!