Sunday, February 27, 2011

Game 3 .... Loss

No big deal tho! We played hard, we played well, and we had fun!
I watched a couple of the other games to get a better handle on what I am supposed to do as winger. Huh. My Honey is right. Wouldn't ya know.

As I watched the other games, I definitely know I did my best for this season and what to work toward next season. Pounce on the puck, don't be afraid, get in the goalie's face. Or, as Coach Cal would say "shake your ass around in her face, cause a distraction" (funny, on many levels!)

All-in-all a great experience. Our team didn't make playoffs, but 2 out of 4 of our Banshee teams did. Unfortunately, both of them lost. One in a SHOOT OUT! Everyone played well, we have nothing to be sorry about or embarrassed by. I'm just a little too tired mentally and physically to say much more about it.

Oh, and back to work (the whole day!) tomorrow. Best part? I have a massage scheduled!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Game 2 --- WIN

Hey! I'm the "tall girl"

What fun! Game 2 was a huge success, one of our players (center front row) scored 3 goals (a "hat trick") the gal in red next to her scored 2 and the one next to me with the dark hair scored 2 goals too! I have it on good authority that I am not the slowest or the worst player on my team, but I need to get to the net. Get in there, help my girls score. Maybe get one "between the pipes" myself.

My Honey took a bunch of pictures today. I'm glad, its fun to see myself. Honestly I didn't realize I was our tallest player until I saw it in the pictures. I could be the one the other team is afraid of! I need to take advantage and get them away from the net with my scary-height! Use it! And I am fast too, or so he says. So zoom in there, scare them off, SCORE!

Just one more game tonite, unless we win, then I think we play tomorrow too! Lets go Banshees 1, win it, I would love to play again tomorrow!

This one looks cool, huh?


What fun! We played against ourselves last night and I had a blast! I actually forgot who we were playing and just played. Sitting in the box, I looked over our crowd (of maybe 30) for people I knew and to keep an eye on Bubba, but I didn't even notice my sister sitting there! But while I was on the ice, my eyes were on the puck, white shirts and white socks!
Banshee 1 (us) in white, Banshee 2 in red
Me, upper right corner, tall one, grey bandanna, next to Coach T

 We lost to our other novice team, but that's okay, I played hard and had fun, and that's what I want out of this experience. My Honey would say "you're not there to have fun, you're there to win!" Whatever. Our next game is this afternoon at 2.

Bubba and I got there early for the 9:15 game and there was a public skate going on and he asked if he could skate. Okay, sure, why not? So I hooked him up with skates and off he went. I was a little hesitant, it was all BIG kids (teenagers) out there, but what the heck? I found what I thought was our locker room and there was Coach T, telling me I was in the wrong place, but interested in skating with Bubba. She used to babysit him so it's a treat for them to hang out together and it made me feel a little better about all the big kids at the skate.

(the bandanna/skull caps are to keep our hair under our helmets and sweat from running down our faces
the tin says "BANSHEE POWER SHOTS"
Me, back row, second from the left)

This is us in the locker room. Total hotness huh? The tin thing is the lid to the pre-game jell-o shots! Gotta love our team. The yellow were my favorite, then green. I remembered I had to drive myself and Bubba home so I didn't try red or purple post-game! In the locker room everyone was discussing how their day was, how nervous they were. I was nervous too, cleaned the bathroom and hall closet, practiced some deep breathing (I am now, too.) I think My Honey was more nervous for me. My girls took good care of me by sending me text messages wishing me luck and asking how the game went later. Thanks girls :)

My new pads were great! I didn't even have to mess with the new elbow pads once during the game, the old ones kept sliding around. The new pants seem a little large though, maybe I can figure out how to cinch them tighter around my waist?

On the ice it was similar to, but different than our practice scrimmages. We were all equal players. Well, not really, but kind of. The expectation was "novice" so there seemed to be less pressure on me (by me). It was great to play with some experienced players who would tell me what to do when I asked, (and when I didn't) or where I was supposed to be for face-offs. I got switched from right wing to left wing and it confused me when we switched goals in the second period.

During the first period I was just trying to find my way. Figure out who my point was, where I was supposed to be and get the feel of our team. During the second period I turned my ears on. I am sure Coach T and others were yelling at me to do stuff, but I didn't hear them in the first period. But by the second period I had a feel for what I was doing (or supposed to do) and could hear them telling me where to be and what to do. I wouldn't say it all came together during the third period, but I definitely did better, or at least I felt like I did. I caught a couple passes, remembered to look up and find one of my team mates, attempted at least one shot on goal (fail, but I tried) and felt like I was where I was supposed to be, that I was paying attention to the game and the coaches yelling. It was good. I can't wait to see how today goes.

*p.s. this post makes me smile*

Friday, February 25, 2011


Partially from caffeine, partially from nerves.
First game in ... less than 6 hours.
I got new gloves, elbow pads and a pair of skate pants last night. My very own! Now all I need is a helmet, shin guards, practice jersey and a stick.

Our first game was originally planned for 5:45 tonight, but had to be postponed until 9:15 due to other activities in the rink. The original plan was for everyone to meet at the game. Then Hannah got mono. Then the game was postponed. Now the plan is for me to take Bubba. It's gonna be a long evening for him. We have to be there 30 minutes before the game. I think that means ready 30 minutes prior, which means leaving an hour before so I can get suited up. The game will be one hour and then changing clothes and then home, but probably not before 11:00. Lets hope he sleeps in tomorrow!

The second game is at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. Our plan, if Hannah is okay, is to take everyone. She is on-again-off-again depending on her fever. Although, if she has a fever she doesn't get to go. Plan B is for Grandma to come watch her while the boys go to the game.

Unfortunately game three is at 10:30 tomorrow night so no one will be there. Finally, if we make playoffs the last game is at 12:45 Sunday. Probably the same plan as tomorrow, ask Grandma to watch Hannah.

While shopping for my new gear last night, one of our players came into the store (the only store in town that sells hockey gear). She said "hey" and that she was getting a new stick. I was paying for my stuff, thought "I wonder what you look for in a stick?" took my gear to the Jeep and went back in the store to ask her. How else am I gonna find out? So we talked for a few, turns out we are on the same team this weekend. It's only her second tournament.

*I went back in the store to ask her instead of just leaving. That's kind of big.*

I am excited, it should be fun. Unfortunately, not as many people can make the later games. It's kind of too bad, kind of good.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Working through it

I went to S & P yesterday, just as I was getting to the rink, I got a text from Coach T, she said she was on her way, and "not to be afraid of those boys." She's awesome. I noticed another player's car there when I pulled up so I was a little less intimidated anyway.

We did a lot of stick handling. My left wrist is a little sore and I had my wedding ring on under my gloves, so my ring finger is sore too. Note to self: don't wear rings. She brought some cones, so we did some zig-zagging around the cones, some approach-type drills where I had the puck, skating toward her and then tried to hit the puck into the boards to get around her, "don't look at where you're gonna hit the puck, keep your eyes on me." and we did some goal approach too where she would hit me a puck from near the net as I am skating toward the net to take a shot. This is the same thing that resulted in me smashing into the boards on Sunday night. Oh, I see I forgot to mention that.

Sunday night I was screaming down ice at full speed grabbing a pass from the corner, heading to the goal and took the boards with my knees. I blame our goalie, she likes to "encourage" us, so she is screaming at me to shoot for a goal, well I kind of did, but then lost it and crashed into the boards. I think it could have been much worse, but I heard everyone go "OOOH!" and ask if I was okay. I remember falling to my knees (we had used that in our warm up earlier) just behind the goal, and then I turned toward the boards and crashed into them at full speed, knees first, the rest of my body followed, flat out on the ice. I'm thinking it was pretty impressive. I'm pretty sure I was sassing the goalie about sassing me and just lost track of how close to the boards I was.

Back to S & P, Coach T and I are doing a similar drill and I say to her, "the last time I did this I ended up flat-out and on the boards." Needless to say, I was a little tentative at first, but we worked through it. I think that pretty much sums up hockey. Working through it. From the challenge of putting on all our gear, to that first step on the ice, to playing in the tournament this weekend (TOMORROW!!!) it's been about working through it. The fear, the frustration, the me. Working through the practices when I don't understand. Starting at the beginning of something and working through it to the end. Not knowing the steps, but going with the flow of the process.

It really is how I do life. I put on all the gear, work through the fear and frustration, and go with the flow of the process. Sometimes I leave the ice in tears, but not as often anymore. But how do you measure of success? Is it really that important? With hockey I can measure my success by the fact that I can get into my gear in less than 20 minutes. I can step onto the ice without feeling like I am gonna fall on my ass. I can stop. I can change directions pretty good now. I can receive and hit the puck. I'm playing in a tournament. But in life? I guess sometimes I get dragged down because there's no way to measure success. Could be I just haven't set any goals so there isn't anything to measure. And I have to ask again: Is it really that important? I think it is, just from the mental point of view. Small goals with hockey have kept me from giving it up. From walking off the ice in tears. Seems like it would work that way in life too.

Note to self: You started with the idea from here to capture 2010 in a word. I'm thinking the phrase "working through it" sums up a lot of 2010.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Locker room reveal

I've been thinking about this post for awhile. It requires me to reveal stuff ...
It's about... the locker room.

What are your best locker room memories? Don't have any? Me either.

My earliest locker room memory is junior high, or did we call it middle school? There was this girl, I was totally jealous of her tan. One day I remember changing in the locker room and noticing her shoulder blades had white circles on them but the rest of her back was tan. Turns out it was where she was laying in her tanning bed.

Next up, high school. These memories are a little harsher. I remember once there was a rumor of a girl being pregnant, I just happened to be in the locker room when she found out she wasn't pregnant, she and her gaggle of girlfriends were so relieved (high drama moment).  I also remember being teased in the locker room. This happened in junior high and in high school. I was really thin. Really. I'm 5'8 and weighed about 115lb in high school (not so much anymore). Skin and bones. I remember girls being mean, saying things about being so skinny, asking if I was anorexic, telling me I must throw up after I eat, stuff like that. It wasn't that great. I ignored them, what else can I do? It wasn't worth the energy to tell them they don't know what they are talking about. I shared this story with a friend who considers herself overweight, not that long ago and she was astounded that "skinny girls got teased too."
In my 20's I worked at the YMCA and part of my job was teaching aerobics in the middle of my work day. It required a shower. In a locker room. At first I was really intimidated because a lot of my students were showering at the same time and I had some "issues." Talk about awkward. Finally I got over my bad self, but I have never been that comfortable talking with someone else in the shower or while I am naked. Ever.

Now I'm 40. I've had two kids. My ass is sagging and I have no boobs (never did). I find myself a little self conscious in the locker room after hockey. All the uncomfortable memories from high school come up as well as remembering there was a time 15 years ago when I felt fine changing clothes in front of people I worked out with. It's been tripping me out since I started playing. Slowly I am getting used to it, but it's still weird.

I'm not sure what the lesson is here. I guess just to acknowledge even though I am older, wiser, more mature and self-confident, the shit that happened, things people said, have stayed with me for a long time.

Hannah is still sick. (I know!) Her fever isn't as bad, but its still there. Her Dr. called me yesterday morning (yes, he CALLED ME) to let me know there wasn't anything definitive in her blood work. They had some concerns because of some lymph-something so they did a swab to check for cancers and there was nothing found "at all". That was actually a relief because I was starting to go there. Fever, lethargy, achy legs, bloody noses ... But since her fever persisted he wanted to see her and we made an appointment for today. She had to have blood drawn (again) and another throat swab. The blood was to check again for mono the swab was to check again for strep and a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia.

She is a trooper, the blood draw was a piece of cake, the strep swab tho -- ewwicky. Never fun. She threw a fit and struggled and we just had to hold her down to get it done. Gag, cough, drink of water and a sucker later she was all good. And the x-ray was easy too. The Dr. came in to tell me the chest x-ray was clear and I said "dang" because we would have at least had something to go on. We shared a laugh while the blood gals kind of thought we might be crazy. Hey, we are on day eleven, it would be nice to have a diagnosis!

The Dr. called awhile ago, she definitely has ... mono.
Ugh. That means quite a few more weeks of stay at home-ness for her. No school. No ice-skating. We shall see if she can go to my games this weekend. :(  It also means that my Dad and his wife won't be coming over. Yeah, who wants to stay in a house infected by mono? I am bummed, but its for the best. We don't need to over-do it with Hannah or expose any more people. As for work .... I am already scheduled for a 1/2 day tomorrow and it's my long weekend. Hopefully she will be fever-free next week and she can stay with Grandma.

We did a little creating today:

Monday, February 21, 2011


(Think: Joe Pesci)
AH-KAY. ahkay, ahkay, ahkay, ahkay ahkay !
I played DEFENSE last night. Well, not really played, but we did drills where I was D instead of wing. WOW. I LOVED IT!  It is a much more aggressive position, but it was a lot of fun! I can see how those guys are always getting slammed against the boards and talking trash. It's hard not to do!

We did one-on-one drills to get ready for our tournament this weekend. THIS WEEKEND! My first game is Friday night and I am pretty excited. The drills were good, great actually, but there were only 9 of us at practice so we did a dang-lotta skating! Dang-lotta. We retreated to the locker room after and just sat and took a lot of deep breaths! Me and the other 40-year-old were sucking it hard core. The young pups were only a little better off, which made me feel better, until I found out they had all been out drinking the night before.

The drill we did was to go against D (or play D) and try for a shot on the goal. We started on the end of the ice away from the goal, the D passed us the puck and we headed down ice. As we were going down ice, we were supposed to try and keep the puck away from D by doing some kind of a fancy move we had practiced earlier, a quick turn or stop and change directions. HA! We were all afraid. They just kind of left it up to us to decide what kind of maneuver to use and none of us wanted to try the new stuff. Next time they need to tell us to do the quick stop a few times and then change it up and do the quick turns. Leave it to us, and we take the easy, safe way out! The coaches were good, they called us out, made us change it up, but a little too late.

D was supposed to pass the puck and then prevent the wing from getting to the goal. Coach C told me to take one hand off the stick, swing it around on the ice to screw with the wing (that was fun!) then get in their space. This is the stuff that stresses me out so much when I am wing, being face to face with D. Maybe now I can handle it better, I know they're just trying to mess with me. It was so fun playing D! Did I mention that I liked playing D?

I am pretty sure I will be wing during our tourney, but those drills made me feel like I might be able to go to S&P and join a pick up game without feeling like I don't know what to do.

Coach T offered to meet me again this week at S&P to practice before the tournament. Hopefully this will work out, I have part of Wednesday afternoon off so I think I can make it happen!

Finally, it seems like Hannah might be getting better. She spent the whole weekend on the couch because she still had a fever (we are talking 10th day of fever here). I took part of today off to take her to the Dr. but she doesn't seem to have a fever today and she's got her voice back. Can you imagine my daughter without a voice, what I mean is she's been quiet, not talking, for the past 10 days. Anyone who knows my kids knows this is a sign of sickness! They NEVER shut up!!  Anyhoo, she's sounding better today, so far no fever and she is finally drinking liquids again. She didn't have much to drink yesterday and I was getting very concerned about dehydration, another reason I took the day off to see the Dr.

Friday, February 18, 2011

What I've been doing

My current bookshelf:
Dave Ramsey: More Than Enough
Cloud & Townsend: Boundaries
Brene Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection
Sarah Ban Breathnach: Peace and Plenty

Well, my lil' Miss is still sick. We were back to the doctor today, they are thinking it could be Mono now, so another blood test had to be done. She was awesome again. Asked me if I was "gonna cry this time?". I sucked it up and plowed through without tears. I saved them for when the Dr. was poking and prodding her belly and she was writhing in pain. I had no idea how bad it hurt until I had her grab my hand when it hurt the worst. Holy cow! She was squeezing while maintaining her composure. One tough cookie. Not a good patient though, they need to know what hurts to find out what's wrong.

We have spent the past week home. Together. With the TV on. All day. For a week.

I finally took my computer to the table yesterday, the sun was shining and I thought I might like to sit in it's warmth. I did. It was nice to look up and see outside and not Dora or Sponge Bob or Bubble Guppies. I left the computer there for today too. It has actually been snowing off and on today, and the sun is shining? so it's nice to look out and see the weird weather, and my dried up, dead, messy lawn. It needs some TLC. Maybe next month!

I made it to hockey practice today, the season is winding down and I'm a little sad. There will still be Sunday practices, but they are too late for me. I think I will try to make S&P a few times. I went on Wednesday but they were already playing a full ice game and I wasn't up to that. One of our players asked me if I had been there and I said yes, but I had left, she said she was gonna try to come over and tell me to come on out anyway. Isn't that nice? She also said she goes every other Wednesday or Friday. Yay, I might have someone to practice with. I am pretty sure S&P goes year round. It would be good for me to keep in practice by going. It would be good for me to run, swim and bike at the Y during the triathlon off season too -- or just to keep in shape.

Practice. It was good. We worked on puck handling, skating backwards, changing directions and then had about a 10 minute scrimmage at the end. Coach T set up the ice so we were playing in the neutral zone and the goals were back to back. It was an interesting way to do it.

We also did some one-on-one, down the ice drills and I did the same stinking thing as last time; when someone got within a couple feet of me, I freaked. Well, not freaked exactly, more like I freeze and don't know what to do. After I realized it happened, I watched for it the next time and played through it, kind of like when you get a stitch in you side when you're running and you just run through it. It wasn't pretty, I might have sounded like a neanderthal (or what I think one would sound like), but I did it. I am slow though. Very slow. Need to pick up the speed to get a puck or keep a puck away from someone.

I figured out the jersey thing, they place an order at the beginning of the season. I missed it by a couple weeks! Next year. One of the players brings extras to use for tournaments. That will work, at least I won't be wearing yellow while everyone else is in red and white!

(a few more pics from a creative excursion yesterday)

Hannah's paper dolls

A bit of the park

A little more park
The willow trees are starting to show signs of Spring!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kinda bummed

For the first time, I would say hockey practice sucked.

It wasn't the whole thing, I need to keep that in mind, it was just a few pieces that didn't fit together very well. I tried to ask someone for help with what the hell we were supposed to be doing and she skated away from me. Either she didn't hear me, which is entirely possible or she just didn't want to help me and that made me want to cry and skate off the ice and quit for the night. But, I sucked it up, tried to shake it off, and continued. I was pissed off. But I continued. Screw her. I watched everyone else and tried to figure the stupid drill out myself. It went alright, but it sure would have taken less time if she would have helped. Why else would I skate across the ice to her? Ugh, really?

So the good thing was I didn't actually have to play with her (last night), she was on my team for the scrimmage, and we were playing the same positions, so we replaced each other. For the most part the scrimmage went pretty good, but if I screw something up (or think I do) I lose my concentration. My head game goes to shit. The good thing is, I realized this (last night) and I was able to talk myself back into the game.

The format (last night) was pretty cool. We had the ice for ninety minutes instead of sixty, so we did 20 minutes - Power Skating, 45minutes - Hockey Drills and 25 Minutes - Scrimmage.

Power skating is just skating around the rink at 110% sometimes with the puck. By 110% I mean instead of skating full speed, we skate 110% of full speed. Over do it, power skate. We did the top of the circle, then the bottom of the circle, using cross overs to make the corners, full speed through the neutral zone then the top and bottom of the circles at the other end of the ice. Then we did it backwards. I just gotta say I rock the backwards! And the skating I did on Wednesday? I so totally used it!

The drills are where I felt like quitting. But, I sucked it up. The worst part is this: when I ask for help I fricking NEED it. It's just not me to go ask anyone for help, let alone a stranger. It took a lot out of me and then I felt ignored and ... like the kid no one wants to play with on the playground. I felt like I was in 2nd or 3rd grade left alone to figure shit out. (Yeah, it brought up a BUNCH of juvenile feelings.) BUT, I grew a pair and decided screw her. "Sticks and stones" right? (Hmmm, I might still be a bit cranky about what happened this morning too!)

And then the scrimmage. We played full ice, one 20 minute period. It was good to watch the first shift, watch the gal I was stepping in for, what she did. By the third time I stepped in I got some puck action. I tried so hard to get it up the ice, but the stupid boards get in the way! Note to self: get off the boards, take the puck to the center. I'm pretty sure that's what we were drilling earlier in the afternoon -- duh. I did find and try to keep on my point person and I didn't do too bad, I guess.

It's become way more mental for me as I have learned what I am supposed to do and where I am supposed to be, I have this constant track running in my head of where to go, what to watch for, what to do next. I hope it all comes together sometime in the next 5 years. Yes, I hope to be playing for the next 5 years. My 30's were about doing a triathlon, my 40's will be about hockey. One home tournament this year. Two home and one away next year and work up to being invited to play in some of the select tournaments by the time I am 50. Good goals? Good lord, did I just say "by the time I am 50"?

And in other news, I am home with Hannah today who has had a fever of at least 102* since Friday. I took her to the doctor, they ruled out strep and the flu, but are concerned it could be something else so she had to have blood drawn. T-R-A-U-M-A-T-I-Z-I-N-G. My precious five-year old being held down by me while they draw blood out of her arm. Yeah, I was a mess. Bawling like a baby. She did really good though. She cried too. And THEN, she had the bloodiest of bloody noses I've seen in a long time! I used to get them as a kid, it reminded me of that. She was totally chill. Unbelievable.

Friday, February 11, 2011


It seems when you have the right size skates it can make a bit of a difference!

I have been using borrowed equipment all season and just started thinking that maybe my skates were a bit big. Turns out I was right. A whole size too big! The most noticeable difference is in how my feet feel, they're not sloshing around in my skates, trying to find something to hold onto the whole practice so they felt pretty good today.

I went alone (well, with Hannah) to go pick out skates at the one place we have in town that sells hockey gear. I tried on every pair possible. I really wanted the cool grey ones, but the padding at the ankle was very uncomfortable. I ended up with a low end pair, only because they were the most comfortable ones. I'd really like to try on a $500 pair just to see what the difference is, but they didn't have any here. No, I wouldn't spend $500 on skates. Well, not this year. Maybe if I had been playing for several years and went to a lot of tournaments. Anyway, the kids had lessons last night, on a whim I took my new skates to see if I could get them sharpened. It worked out, that's how I got to use them today.

On to today's practice. Coach J was in charge today, we did a lot of puck-handling drills. We dropped our gloves on the ice (not to fight) and skated around them in figure eights while pushing the puck around. It was good stuff. I can use that one during S&P when I go again. He had us do figure eights around the gloves and then skate forward between the gloves, and backward on the outside of the glove to get practice changing directions. Ha! I worked on that Wednesday. It felt good to know what the hell I was doing.

Puck handling drills are complicated for me because we are told "keep your head up" and its hard to do when we're doing these drills. But, the guys that are good have their heads up and see the puck coming their way and can feel when it hits their stick, plus then they have a line on who is open. Funny, now that I think of it, in our scrimmage-y thing we did today I was totally focused on looking at the puck instead of down the ice at my partner. Interesting. Something (more) to work on.

I am sure I will have more to say later. Hannah is home sick, that leaves me around the house and the computer ALL. DAY. LONG.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I got new skates for Valentines day!
I can't wait to wear them tomorrow!
Only .... 10.5 more hours!

I'll let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Play Hard

I did it. I went to stick & puck (from now on referred to as S&P). It was hard. It would have been so much harder if I hadn't called Coach T and asked her to go with me. Did you hear that, Universe? I asked for help. Did you hear that Rainey? She said yes. She was awesome. And yes, my skates do need to be sharpened, she noticed right away and said something, so they will be sharpened and returned on Friday morning.

Back to practice. Wow! Its different working one-on-one with someone. I've never been "coached" like that before. We spent quite a bit of time cracking each other up, but a large portion of time was fundamentals. Stopping. Skating backwards. Changing from front to back, and back to front while staying in motion. And a little defensive/offensive skating. We talked tournament, she is going to put me in at left wing (shew! I know what to do in that position) but then she mentioned something about going for the goal and I was like "WAIT! I'm supposed to go for goals? I don't look for an open person? I don't want that responsibility. No, wing isn't alright for me!" Too bad. That's what she is going to play me. EEEEKK! That's an excited, but scared EEEKK! What if I miss? Shit, what if I make it??!! (Shut up, you, it could happen. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out my ...)

Anyway, she helped a ton. I was doing fancy stops. There is no such thing, but that's what I do, kind of like the National Anthem on Sunday. You make it too fancy you're gonna land on your butt. So she helped me stop straighter, neater. More "HEY. YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!"-er.

Changing directions. Turns out I am pretty good, only I was losing momentum, so she showed me how to push off at the end of my turn so I keep going. I practiced front to back and back to front on both sides. Left foot leading, right foot leading.

Offensive and defensive. We were just skating close together, she would try to reach around with the stick and take the puck. I was afraid she was gonna fall and get hurt since she didn't suit up, so that didn't last very long. It reminded me of last week's practice; when I was skating at someone they didn't scare me at all, but when someone came toward me and got within a couple feet of me, all of a sudden I freaked out, that's when I crashed into the boards. Next time we will work on that more I think.

Backwards skating. I can do it, I'm not doing it wrong, but I have no puck control. How do you skate backwards and pull the puck toward you? OH! Use one hand. I get it. It is drilled into us to always have two hands on the stick. It's a good plan and we should all learn that way, but there is a time and a place for one hand. Skating backwards with the puck is one of them I guess. I think that will help at our next practice.

She was awesome. I stayed for awhile after she left, but my legs were tired, I started to feel really wobbly. Another friend of mine came to the public skate afterward, but we didn't make it very long.

Only two weeks until the tournament. I am definitely going to get in as much skating as I can! Her coaching was so good today, I hope we can get together again. If we can't tho, I feel like I could go to the S&P alone and the boys won't scare me too much. Did I mention we were the only two girls? We were. Which means if she wasn't there, I would have been the only girl. I could not have handled it today. I could handle it now. I'm not sure if I would scrimmage with them or not. But I wouldn't feel like ... embarrassed or uneasy or ... afraid.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


It's nearly my Friday, then 4 days off, and I am really ready. These "long work weeks" are hell. That 2am alarm is the worst thing ever on Tuesday morning. I hate Tuesdays. Tee-rashed. That's how I feel. Weird, I just remembered something from my "regular" work weeks once upon a time, a long time ago, I used to hate Thursdays then, too.

Okay, enough of that.

I am looking forward to either going ice skating during free skate tomorrow or, if I can get off work early, going to the "stick and puck" practice with one of my Banshee coaches. I need the practice. I think I saw S&P on Sunday too. Oh yeah, I could get two and a half hours of practice on Sunday! That would make for a good night sleep! Ha! If I was really die-hard I could skate for FOUR hours on Sunday. I'm not that die hard.

I am pretty sure I have more to say, but I am ... well, its my Thursday.

Friday, February 04, 2011


We have a hockey tournament at the end of the month so Coach A ran us through some drills in areas where our team(s) are weak today. They played in Spokane last weekend so he had some fresh material to draw from. Apparently, when we are in the area between the blue line and the goal everyone is looking at the puck, to get it and make a goal, but not at each other, so once you get the puck either you have to take a shot or look for an open person. We're not so good at looking for an open person. So, to that end, we worked on looking for the open person today. It was a really good practice. I only crashed into the BOARDS (aka the wall) once. Somehow I forgot to stop and all of a sudden BAM! I was slamming into the boards.

One of the drills we did started in the corner of the ice (I know, the rink is oval, just imagine it's rectangle for a minute). Two people started in the corners on each side, one with a puck, one without. The person without the puck races diagonally toward the neutral zone as the other person passes the puck while crossing between each other so you end up on the opposite side of the ice by the time  you reach the neutral zone. The person with the puck continues up the ice toward the goal trying to take the other person on a wild goose chase. There was something in there about skating backwards if you didn't have the puck. I was an easy opponent, pretty much anyone can get puck away from me. The gal I ended up partnered with was awesome, coaching me after we finished on what I should do, like when she passes my shoulder and I can't keep up with her skating backwards, I should turn around to skate forward -- yeah, it makes sense now :)

The second time we went down the ice, when she had the puck, I skated her into the boards. Nope, it wasn't intentional, nor did I think about what a good strategy it was, but she told me that it was really good! What? Really? Yeah, you skated me into the boards. Huh. I guess that's a good thing. When I think about it I see why. If I am keeping her from the goal, toward the boards, she is going to have to dump the puck by taking a sloppy-not-likely-to-make-it-shot or I am gonna get it away from her because she has nowhere to go. Yay me.

I know Coach A had intentions of a net race again (pushing the nets down the ice, turn around, come back) but we had an odd number of people and he hurt himself part way through the practice so he couldn't be the person to even our numbers.

I've been wondering how I will know when it's time to sharpen my skates. I think it's time. The right one is dragging a little when I try and stop. But otherwise, practice was good. I wish I could go a second time this weekend, but I work on Sunday and its a morning practice. Something about the Superbowl.

We are I am on day two of a sick kid. Yesterday Bubba had a fever and sore throat and a little upset tummy. Today he still has a low grade fever and a more upset tummy AND he's moaning and groaning about it. Every breath is dramatic and ends in an audible sigh. (And then we had puking.)

I don't to pathetic very well. (Un)Fortunately, its my work weekend. Unfortunately, My Honey has been nursing a sore back. Very. Sore. Back. Hurts to tears when he sneezes, sore back. I finally made him go see a therapist. She's worked him over pretty good a couple times. Sounds like it might be a torn muscle so he is heating and icing it. I sure hope it heals soon. Have I mentioned I don't do pathetic very well? I am sure they will all do just fine while I am working.

On the up-side, I did have some time to edit pictures.
Snow, the ice rink and a pond.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Valentine Decor

 I saw this project awhile ago and wanted to try it, it seemed like just the right thing to do in a weekend and I thought the kids would both be able to do it. I was sort of right.

Bubba was able to do the hand sewing, and Hannah did the stuffing. We hung several in the window and there were leftovers for their rooms.

I bought quilt square-fabric, it was all matchy-matchy so it was mindless that way, plus it didn't take any time in the fabric store waiting for them to cut it. My original plan was to glue them together, but that didn't work out, the glue was dry. I ended up getting embroidery thread and needles (a little less sharp and easier to work with) for the sewing. Bubba has sewn a lot of stuff with Grandma and I figured Hannah had too, I was wrong. She's not quite got the dexterity yet. She did have fun stuffing them though. Then I added a piece of yarn to hang them by. I think they turned out cute. We sat one night and watched Gumby and Pokey on Netflix (have I mentioned I LOVE Netflix?) while we sewed them. It was a nice evening.
Bubba found some scraps of fabric and made a few of his own too.

This was taken at skate class last week. Yeah, I finally got my courage and took the camera. The kids in their helmets are so cute. I tried to get some of the skates too, they didn't turn out too well. Maybe I will try again tonite.