Thursday, February 03, 2011

Valentine Decor

 I saw this project awhile ago and wanted to try it, it seemed like just the right thing to do in a weekend and I thought the kids would both be able to do it. I was sort of right.

Bubba was able to do the hand sewing, and Hannah did the stuffing. We hung several in the window and there were leftovers for their rooms.

I bought quilt square-fabric, it was all matchy-matchy so it was mindless that way, plus it didn't take any time in the fabric store waiting for them to cut it. My original plan was to glue them together, but that didn't work out, the glue was dry. I ended up getting embroidery thread and needles (a little less sharp and easier to work with) for the sewing. Bubba has sewn a lot of stuff with Grandma and I figured Hannah had too, I was wrong. She's not quite got the dexterity yet. She did have fun stuffing them though. Then I added a piece of yarn to hang them by. I think they turned out cute. We sat one night and watched Gumby and Pokey on Netflix (have I mentioned I LOVE Netflix?) while we sewed them. It was a nice evening.
Bubba found some scraps of fabric and made a few of his own too.

This was taken at skate class last week. Yeah, I finally got my courage and took the camera. The kids in their helmets are so cute. I tried to get some of the skates too, they didn't turn out too well. Maybe I will try again tonite.

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