Friday, February 04, 2011


We have a hockey tournament at the end of the month so Coach A ran us through some drills in areas where our team(s) are weak today. They played in Spokane last weekend so he had some fresh material to draw from. Apparently, when we are in the area between the blue line and the goal everyone is looking at the puck, to get it and make a goal, but not at each other, so once you get the puck either you have to take a shot or look for an open person. We're not so good at looking for an open person. So, to that end, we worked on looking for the open person today. It was a really good practice. I only crashed into the BOARDS (aka the wall) once. Somehow I forgot to stop and all of a sudden BAM! I was slamming into the boards.

One of the drills we did started in the corner of the ice (I know, the rink is oval, just imagine it's rectangle for a minute). Two people started in the corners on each side, one with a puck, one without. The person without the puck races diagonally toward the neutral zone as the other person passes the puck while crossing between each other so you end up on the opposite side of the ice by the time  you reach the neutral zone. The person with the puck continues up the ice toward the goal trying to take the other person on a wild goose chase. There was something in there about skating backwards if you didn't have the puck. I was an easy opponent, pretty much anyone can get puck away from me. The gal I ended up partnered with was awesome, coaching me after we finished on what I should do, like when she passes my shoulder and I can't keep up with her skating backwards, I should turn around to skate forward -- yeah, it makes sense now :)

The second time we went down the ice, when she had the puck, I skated her into the boards. Nope, it wasn't intentional, nor did I think about what a good strategy it was, but she told me that it was really good! What? Really? Yeah, you skated me into the boards. Huh. I guess that's a good thing. When I think about it I see why. If I am keeping her from the goal, toward the boards, she is going to have to dump the puck by taking a sloppy-not-likely-to-make-it-shot or I am gonna get it away from her because she has nowhere to go. Yay me.

I know Coach A had intentions of a net race again (pushing the nets down the ice, turn around, come back) but we had an odd number of people and he hurt himself part way through the practice so he couldn't be the person to even our numbers.

I've been wondering how I will know when it's time to sharpen my skates. I think it's time. The right one is dragging a little when I try and stop. But otherwise, practice was good. I wish I could go a second time this weekend, but I work on Sunday and its a morning practice. Something about the Superbowl.

We are I am on day two of a sick kid. Yesterday Bubba had a fever and sore throat and a little upset tummy. Today he still has a low grade fever and a more upset tummy AND he's moaning and groaning about it. Every breath is dramatic and ends in an audible sigh. (And then we had puking.)

I don't to pathetic very well. (Un)Fortunately, its my work weekend. Unfortunately, My Honey has been nursing a sore back. Very. Sore. Back. Hurts to tears when he sneezes, sore back. I finally made him go see a therapist. She's worked him over pretty good a couple times. Sounds like it might be a torn muscle so he is heating and icing it. I sure hope it heals soon. Have I mentioned I don't do pathetic very well? I am sure they will all do just fine while I am working.

On the up-side, I did have some time to edit pictures.
Snow, the ice rink and a pond.

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