Monday, February 21, 2011


(Think: Joe Pesci)
AH-KAY. ahkay, ahkay, ahkay, ahkay ahkay !
I played DEFENSE last night. Well, not really played, but we did drills where I was D instead of wing. WOW. I LOVED IT!  It is a much more aggressive position, but it was a lot of fun! I can see how those guys are always getting slammed against the boards and talking trash. It's hard not to do!

We did one-on-one drills to get ready for our tournament this weekend. THIS WEEKEND! My first game is Friday night and I am pretty excited. The drills were good, great actually, but there were only 9 of us at practice so we did a dang-lotta skating! Dang-lotta. We retreated to the locker room after and just sat and took a lot of deep breaths! Me and the other 40-year-old were sucking it hard core. The young pups were only a little better off, which made me feel better, until I found out they had all been out drinking the night before.

The drill we did was to go against D (or play D) and try for a shot on the goal. We started on the end of the ice away from the goal, the D passed us the puck and we headed down ice. As we were going down ice, we were supposed to try and keep the puck away from D by doing some kind of a fancy move we had practiced earlier, a quick turn or stop and change directions. HA! We were all afraid. They just kind of left it up to us to decide what kind of maneuver to use and none of us wanted to try the new stuff. Next time they need to tell us to do the quick stop a few times and then change it up and do the quick turns. Leave it to us, and we take the easy, safe way out! The coaches were good, they called us out, made us change it up, but a little too late.

D was supposed to pass the puck and then prevent the wing from getting to the goal. Coach C told me to take one hand off the stick, swing it around on the ice to screw with the wing (that was fun!) then get in their space. This is the stuff that stresses me out so much when I am wing, being face to face with D. Maybe now I can handle it better, I know they're just trying to mess with me. It was so fun playing D! Did I mention that I liked playing D?

I am pretty sure I will be wing during our tourney, but those drills made me feel like I might be able to go to S&P and join a pick up game without feeling like I don't know what to do.

Coach T offered to meet me again this week at S&P to practice before the tournament. Hopefully this will work out, I have part of Wednesday afternoon off so I think I can make it happen!

Finally, it seems like Hannah might be getting better. She spent the whole weekend on the couch because she still had a fever (we are talking 10th day of fever here). I took part of today off to take her to the Dr. but she doesn't seem to have a fever today and she's got her voice back. Can you imagine my daughter without a voice, what I mean is she's been quiet, not talking, for the past 10 days. Anyone who knows my kids knows this is a sign of sickness! They NEVER shut up!!  Anyhoo, she's sounding better today, so far no fever and she is finally drinking liquids again. She didn't have much to drink yesterday and I was getting very concerned about dehydration, another reason I took the day off to see the Dr.

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