Friday, February 25, 2011


Partially from caffeine, partially from nerves.
First game in ... less than 6 hours.
I got new gloves, elbow pads and a pair of skate pants last night. My very own! Now all I need is a helmet, shin guards, practice jersey and a stick.

Our first game was originally planned for 5:45 tonight, but had to be postponed until 9:15 due to other activities in the rink. The original plan was for everyone to meet at the game. Then Hannah got mono. Then the game was postponed. Now the plan is for me to take Bubba. It's gonna be a long evening for him. We have to be there 30 minutes before the game. I think that means ready 30 minutes prior, which means leaving an hour before so I can get suited up. The game will be one hour and then changing clothes and then home, but probably not before 11:00. Lets hope he sleeps in tomorrow!

The second game is at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. Our plan, if Hannah is okay, is to take everyone. She is on-again-off-again depending on her fever. Although, if she has a fever she doesn't get to go. Plan B is for Grandma to come watch her while the boys go to the game.

Unfortunately game three is at 10:30 tomorrow night so no one will be there. Finally, if we make playoffs the last game is at 12:45 Sunday. Probably the same plan as tomorrow, ask Grandma to watch Hannah.

While shopping for my new gear last night, one of our players came into the store (the only store in town that sells hockey gear). She said "hey" and that she was getting a new stick. I was paying for my stuff, thought "I wonder what you look for in a stick?" took my gear to the Jeep and went back in the store to ask her. How else am I gonna find out? So we talked for a few, turns out we are on the same team this weekend. It's only her second tournament.

*I went back in the store to ask her instead of just leaving. That's kind of big.*

I am excited, it should be fun. Unfortunately, not as many people can make the later games. It's kind of too bad, kind of good.

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