Friday, February 18, 2011

What I've been doing

My current bookshelf:
Dave Ramsey: More Than Enough
Cloud & Townsend: Boundaries
Brene Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection
Sarah Ban Breathnach: Peace and Plenty

Well, my lil' Miss is still sick. We were back to the doctor today, they are thinking it could be Mono now, so another blood test had to be done. She was awesome again. Asked me if I was "gonna cry this time?". I sucked it up and plowed through without tears. I saved them for when the Dr. was poking and prodding her belly and she was writhing in pain. I had no idea how bad it hurt until I had her grab my hand when it hurt the worst. Holy cow! She was squeezing while maintaining her composure. One tough cookie. Not a good patient though, they need to know what hurts to find out what's wrong.

We have spent the past week home. Together. With the TV on. All day. For a week.

I finally took my computer to the table yesterday, the sun was shining and I thought I might like to sit in it's warmth. I did. It was nice to look up and see outside and not Dora or Sponge Bob or Bubble Guppies. I left the computer there for today too. It has actually been snowing off and on today, and the sun is shining? so it's nice to look out and see the weird weather, and my dried up, dead, messy lawn. It needs some TLC. Maybe next month!

I made it to hockey practice today, the season is winding down and I'm a little sad. There will still be Sunday practices, but they are too late for me. I think I will try to make S&P a few times. I went on Wednesday but they were already playing a full ice game and I wasn't up to that. One of our players asked me if I had been there and I said yes, but I had left, she said she was gonna try to come over and tell me to come on out anyway. Isn't that nice? She also said she goes every other Wednesday or Friday. Yay, I might have someone to practice with. I am pretty sure S&P goes year round. It would be good for me to keep in practice by going. It would be good for me to run, swim and bike at the Y during the triathlon off season too -- or just to keep in shape.

Practice. It was good. We worked on puck handling, skating backwards, changing directions and then had about a 10 minute scrimmage at the end. Coach T set up the ice so we were playing in the neutral zone and the goals were back to back. It was an interesting way to do it.

We also did some one-on-one, down the ice drills and I did the same stinking thing as last time; when someone got within a couple feet of me, I freaked. Well, not freaked exactly, more like I freeze and don't know what to do. After I realized it happened, I watched for it the next time and played through it, kind of like when you get a stitch in you side when you're running and you just run through it. It wasn't pretty, I might have sounded like a neanderthal (or what I think one would sound like), but I did it. I am slow though. Very slow. Need to pick up the speed to get a puck or keep a puck away from someone.

I figured out the jersey thing, they place an order at the beginning of the season. I missed it by a couple weeks! Next year. One of the players brings extras to use for tournaments. That will work, at least I won't be wearing yellow while everyone else is in red and white!

(a few more pics from a creative excursion yesterday)

Hannah's paper dolls

A bit of the park

A little more park
The willow trees are starting to show signs of Spring!

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