Sunday, February 27, 2011

Game 3 .... Loss

No big deal tho! We played hard, we played well, and we had fun!
I watched a couple of the other games to get a better handle on what I am supposed to do as winger. Huh. My Honey is right. Wouldn't ya know.

As I watched the other games, I definitely know I did my best for this season and what to work toward next season. Pounce on the puck, don't be afraid, get in the goalie's face. Or, as Coach Cal would say "shake your ass around in her face, cause a distraction" (funny, on many levels!)

All-in-all a great experience. Our team didn't make playoffs, but 2 out of 4 of our Banshee teams did. Unfortunately, both of them lost. One in a SHOOT OUT! Everyone played well, we have nothing to be sorry about or embarrassed by. I'm just a little too tired mentally and physically to say much more about it.

Oh, and back to work (the whole day!) tomorrow. Best part? I have a massage scheduled!

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