Saturday, February 26, 2011

Game 2 --- WIN

Hey! I'm the "tall girl"

What fun! Game 2 was a huge success, one of our players (center front row) scored 3 goals (a "hat trick") the gal in red next to her scored 2 and the one next to me with the dark hair scored 2 goals too! I have it on good authority that I am not the slowest or the worst player on my team, but I need to get to the net. Get in there, help my girls score. Maybe get one "between the pipes" myself.

My Honey took a bunch of pictures today. I'm glad, its fun to see myself. Honestly I didn't realize I was our tallest player until I saw it in the pictures. I could be the one the other team is afraid of! I need to take advantage and get them away from the net with my scary-height! Use it! And I am fast too, or so he says. So zoom in there, scare them off, SCORE!

Just one more game tonite, unless we win, then I think we play tomorrow too! Lets go Banshees 1, win it, I would love to play again tomorrow!

This one looks cool, huh?

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