Monday, January 31, 2011

The Right Thing

The right thing to do is sometimes the hardest.

We had to put our dog of 14 years down today. Rudy has been ill off and on for the better part of a year. It started as just throwing up once in awhile, then it was throwing up frequently, we had her checked in March last year, they didn't find anything, I think we changed her food then, and mentioned it to the neighbors so they would quit feeding her treats.

In December she started throwing up every day, so I took her to the vet again. They ran tests did some x-rays and actually found that an organ was calcified (they were unable to tell which one) so we put her on an even more special food and added an anti nausea pill (good idea LK). We told the kids that the dog was very sick, and that it would probably be her last Christmas.

All along she was a good sport. She handled every change, never complained or mistreated us. Saturday she threw up blood and quit eating. Today I took her to the humane society to have her euthanized. I never thought I would have to make a decision like that. We had a cat once, I just found her dead outside and buried her. This was different. And we had to explain to the kids what was going to happen.

They took it pretty well. We told them last night, which gave them the evening to say goodbye. Bubba made her a flower with a note and Miss I picked her a pussy willow branch from some we brought in over the weekend. I left them with the technician. I don't know if they really do anything with that stuff, but I told the kids I would. The gals at the humane society were great. Treated me very gently and loved on the dog too.
"I wish Rudy will RIP"
Truth be told, I am not really an animal person. I can live with them or without them. Truth be told, it was ME that brought the dog home in the first place, even though I was told NOT to, so I guess I like them a little.

Little do the kids know, we have plans already to get another dog. She is due to be born in March, we will bring her home 8 weeks later. The circle of life, right?


The Loidhamer Family said...

So sorry!

LSL said...

This broke my heart. And those notes/items from the kids are priceless. You did the right thing for sure. That's all you can do. xo