Friday, January 21, 2011


I was determined to take my camera somewhere and take a picture. I ended up downtown in one of my favorite "go into to see how classy I am NOT" stores. Guilded Lily always has beautiful displays. They are MUCH fancier than I would ever have in my house, but fun to look at and my never-exposed girly side really likes it.

Anyway, there is always a LOT of sparkly, shiny stuff, lots of bling, but its the textures that draw me in. The layers everywhere. The above display is flowers that are made of velvet or velour? and shine in the lights (which are pointed right at them of course). It is on a wood table with painted doors, against an oil painting backdrop. The walls are cement, so that adds texture too. Anyway, its one of my guilty pleasures to just walk around and look at all the cool stuff. The guilt comes from not buying anything. I quit looking at price tags a long time ago! I don't take good enough care of my stuff, or get pretties out often enough to justify $40 for a tea-towel (aka kitchen towel).

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