Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A couple more

These are a couple more pictures from the other day. These candles looked very pretty. I wish I had noticed the price tag and turned that one candle around.

I really like these velour pumpkins. They are bright and shiny and feel so neat. The picture is a bit bright, I just couldn't edit the texture into it.

See, its all too shiny and sparkly and nice for my plain old house.With kids. And cats. And a dog. And soon a puppy. We are on the list for the next litter due mid March!


The Loidhamer Family said...

Maybe ok for your special place in your house. You remember your "sacred space". I don't think either one of us really got one of those going. I love those pumpkins, too. Maybe nice for my "sacred space"...

Michelle Littler said...

That's too funny. LK and I totally looked at those when we were out shopping over the holidays. I still think that we could make them.