Monday, January 10, 2011

Shouldn't have

I shouldn't have played hockey last night, but I did. What am I supposed to do when My Honey suggests it? Say "no" just because I will get to bed too late? Ha!

So I played and got to bed too late and I am one tired girl today!

We actually practiced a "break out" pattern last night with assigned positions and everything. It was exactly what I needed. I need to know what my job as "left wing" is, where am I supposed to wait, when should I look for the puck, where do I skate when the puck is across the ice from me, who should I shoot the puck to? I learned, for left wing  anyway. My butt needs to be on the boards, ready to receive the puck if it goes behind the net, then I have to take it toward center ice and shoot it to the center and move up toward our goal and be ready to receive it and SHOOT it. That's my job as left (or right) wing. I didn't really pay any attention to what everyone else does. Just me. It was good. I will watch the game Friday night with new eyes.

The game Friday. That should be fun! Its the third annual Guns-N-Hoses game. The firemen and cops and other emergency workers like me get cheap tickets (which means nose-bleed seats, so we're opting out of those), proceeds benefit a random acts of kindness fund and during one of the intermissions there is a little competition between the cops and firemen, one year it was a tug of war, last year it was broom ball, this year they're playing HOCKEY! It should be a real hoot! I had kind of secretly hoped to get recruited (for the firemen) so I could bash some cops. Maybe next year.

Back to practice; I'm feeling better and better every time I get out on the ice. Stopping is coming along, I try to make myself stop on both sides so I get better and better at that left side. Turning is okay, we practiced cross overs again, both directions, Coach T reminded us to take small steps, if we aren't comfortable with that, at least pick up our feet a little so we get the feel of it. I am getting used to the "patterns" we run on the ice. PacMan is skating around the dots, the path is similar looking to the video game. Figure 8's are just that, round and round the dots sometimes from corner to corner. We also run a pattern around the large circles, but I don't remember what that's called. I'm loving it.

The kids start their lessons on Thursday, it should be fun. I am excited to watch them get better and better. They get some free skate sessions too so we will get to do some practice.

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LSL said...

Jealous. I'm so jealous! I just love hearing about all this hockey stuff. I don't think I could do it, but I'm so excited that you are.