Tuesday, January 18, 2011


That scrimmage was a blast! I am glad I had the opportunity to talk with one of the coaches and tell her I was worried, that I didn't really know my job. She was awesome out on the ice. She placed me on her team and gently guided me (all of us really) to where we were supposed to be and what we were supposed to be doing.

Luckily, she placed me in the same position (left wing) that I practiced in Friday morning so I knew a bit of what was expected of me. It felt good to do my share. We switched out with the same player each time, and I knew which person I was guarding, my point (see, I am even learning the language!). The only thing I didn't realize, and I am still trying to figure out, is "off sides" which I was several times (oops!) but the worst part about that is it results in a penalty for my team (double oops!!) I better figure it out FAST!

I feel much better about playing in the tournament at the end of February after our scrimmage. I might even tell people so they can come watch. Silly me, I have been thinking about what to have put on my jersey: (One of) my nicknames? My first name? My last name? Or my maiden name? Maiden name? Yeah, I don't know why either. Those of you that know me, leave a comment, tell me what you think! Imagine this tho, it's what my team mates, or maybe you, will be yelling at me or calling me while I am playing. (That's why the maiden name choice, its easy to yell and might sound kind of cool too!)


LSL said...

I would SO come and watch if I were closer! And I vote for the maiden name. It's perfect to yell to cheer someone on :)

I'm so excited for you!

LSL said...

Or if you don't want to go with the old, maybe something more like Busky?

andrie k sunyigono said...

Do it and you will be success...