Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's been a busy few days. The kids had their first skate lessons on Thursday afternoon, I had practice on Friday morning (more on that in a minute), I took the kids skating on Saturday afternoon, My Honey and I went to hockey games on Friday and Saturday night, grocery shopping, laundry, you know, oh, and a little scrimmage this afternoon.

Practice was good on Friday. We have three coaches, two I have mentioned before, the third, coach A has a much different approach, his drills aren't just about speed and agility, they are about getting hurt, which is bound to happen in a game. On Friday morning he had us warm up and then got a gleam in his eye, he had a plan that hatched the night before, he wanted us to do an obstacle course. ?! A what?! Yeah, obstacle course.

He set up some cones to zig-zag through, then we fast skated around the goal and UNDER a stick balanced on some buckets.   !?! UNDER !?!  Yeah, we literally dove, stick first, under the stick, THEN had to get back on our feet and finish the loop around the other goal. I watched everyone do it, trying to figure out how the hell I was gonna ... Really, there is no graceful way, (not that I am all about grace, hardly, I am the girl that constantly falls UP the stairs) but I didn't want to make a total ass of myself. So there I go, I zig-zag through the cones, I'm not as fast as some, in fact, I might still be the slowest, and I am pretty sure I knocked one down, I picked up speed around the goal and then ... Then I started to psych myself up, I had to make a dive under the stick. "How's this all gonna go?" I wondered. "Doesn't matter, DO IT!" And I did. I made it under the stick and got myself up, not totally in motion, but close. "Holy crap!" Big sigh of relief, maybe even a little "whoop!" The second time around I was able to get up in motion and coach Cal told me it was much better than the first time. Thanks Coach!

Today is a scrimmage. I'm nervous because I just don't know my "job" on the ice for any position. I asked coach T if she would recommend something to read to figure it out, and she said she would bring something to the scrimmage. I told her I feel like a liability since I don't know what the hell I am doing, she told me she thinks I'm an asset. That's sweet huh? She really just thinks I'm cute. Kidding, I think she views me as one of her students, she will have faith in me until the end. It was because of her that I even started playing. She has been there for nearly all my practices and has watched me get better and helped me with some stuff, so she has a vested interest. Maybe I am kind of a teacher's pet?

Now I just need to figure out a light and dark jersey. I only have yellow. Usually its white and yellow or red and yellow when we split into teams. It's actually kind of funny! Friday morning, for our short scrimmage, it was red and yellow, so I was playing with ROCKIN players. These women have been playing for several years, it was scary. But we did alright. Today should be fun. Wish me luck.

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The Loidhamer Family said...

Have fun! Sounds like you did a great job. Glad you didn't actually get hurt!