Friday, January 07, 2011

Still learning

Ahhh. I was able to go to practice today which was great. Last Sunday night's practice was cancelled which bummed me out, so I was very thankful to get back on the ice today.

Speaking of ice... There was a sheet of it everywhere today. The windows, the driveway, the road, the sidewalk and parking lot. There must have been some frozen rain overnight. Made for some slickery conditions. Glad I wasn't at work.

So, about practice today. It was really good. Lots of crazy foot work. Quick stops, turns, some cross overs. Crazy foot work. Remember gym class, during warm ups when the coach would have you go from one side of the gym or field at a jog, from right to left, crossing your right foot over your left the whole way and then you reversed it from left to right? Kind of looked like a fancy dance move, usually your arms were out to your side and your hips were a-going? So do that on ice, in skates with only a blade holding you up. It wasn't easy. Not only that, we had to skate up to the line, STOP (which we all know is my strength) and then do a cross over to the wall, STOP, cross over (opposite legs) back and then skate forward. I might have fallen. According to Coach Cal, that means I'm pushing myself. Right. It actually means a visit to the chiropractor.

Later we were working on shooting. I'm not so good at this. I noticed though that I lost my focus somewhere along the line. I was doing alright, and
then I wasn't. Was it the drill? No. Was it when I changed sides (the puck coming to my forehand instead of my  backhand)? No. Was it the coaching? Maybe. We did a session with Coach T and then a session with Coach Cal and it was during the session with Cal that I was falling apart. Maybe I was just tired and hungry by then? It was interesting though. It could have been all of the above. Why his coaching though? An interesting thought to ponder.

I found myself in a funny place the other day. Les Schwab. I believed we had a slow leak in a tire. I walked myself in, told them which one (right rear) and they got to working on it. As I sat there I realized what I had done. I walked into a store, full of men, and talked about man things with a man, used the correct terminology (slow leak, right rear tire) and I did it without even thinking about it. (I sure hope hockey gets there for me!) My how far I've come! Then again, I tell men (with guns!) where to go and what to do all day at work.

And for those of you interested. The second kitty arrived safe and sound Wednesday. On the way home her name was picked out. It started out as Nicaragua. And ended up as Survivor Jane (Miss I's favorite person.) Or just Jane for short. So we now have Mister Pickles and Survivor Jane. Next up .... a dog. Yes, for reals. A new dog. A puppy even. Possibly as soon as March.

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