Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowy in Seattle

Can you see the snow? Its snowing in Seattle! Crazy!

Well, I had a blast in Seattle! Definetely a "do over."

My sister and I met at the Paramount downtown where we were staying, and then we were off eating and shopping, returning bags and bags of stuff to the hotel, shopping and eating and walking. We walked MILES! And miles! And shopped, boy did we shop and then we ate and ate! MMMMM

The Pink Door as we left it, empty!

My sister made a reservation at a place called The Pink Door, what fun! The place was jam-packed when we arrived for our 8:15 reservation (I don't remember the last time I had dinner at 8:15, probably never.) It reminded me of a place I ate one time in Chicago, the tables all full of loud people, the Italian aromas, the whole atmosphere. We had the chef's tasting menu where they bring you a 4 course meal. Holy cow, we loved it! That and a bottle of great Italian Chianti made for a wonderful meal, not to mention the company, thanks Sis!

We also had a great lunch both days. I went across the street to a place called Ruth's Chris Steak House for dinner last night, but didn't do a whole steak dinner thing, just an appetizer and drink. Their menu looked like one I would love to try though with several different kinds of steaks and side dishes.

All in all a good trip, sans the drives. The mountain passes were bad. It only made a 30 minute difference in my drive time, but the stress is all in my shoulders and neck. I am stiff as a board and ache from sitting at attention for 2 hours each way! The jeep did fine (or rather, the driver) and I made it to where I was supposed to be. (Even after trying to go north on I5 instead of south. Oh well, every road leads somewhere!)

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LSL said...

Your time sounds so fun. I love Seattle! And late dinners out always make me feel like I'm doing something special. Good for you!