Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Not only is the countdown to Christmas, it is also the countdown until I don't have to haul my lazy butt out of bed at 2am. I just counted, because I am a glutton for punishment, just how many more of these shifts I have left - 18. That's it, then a year of waking up at 4am which actually sounds a LOT better!

I had a LONG work week last week, several overtime shifts that royally kicked my ass. I slept and slept and slept the weekend away. Then, to make up for it, I shopped yesterday and today! Just groceries and stuff, but Miss I and I had fun, plus we took a few minutes to look at Christmas decorations and stuff.

On another note, I am saddened, I don't think that's a strong enough word, distraught, maybe, or just plain disgusted out-of-my-mind at the senseless killing of four Lakewood (WA) police officers over the weekend.

It saddens me for the families of the officers, their spouses, their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, kids, nieces, nephews ... well, you get he picture. People in law enforcement know what they are getting into, they prepare for it, their families prepare for it, but I think they all hope it doesn't happen to them. I sure the hell hope it doesn't happen to any of my guys.

I cannot imagine receiving the 911 call that says there were shots fired, statusing your officers and not getting an answer and just knowing. Because you would. The minutes that seem like hours before someone can get there to check on them only to find out you were right. And THEN the wait. The wait to see if it is really who you think it is. The wait to notify the families. The wait to find the rat bastard that did it.

The anger, rage really, that I feel toward the suspect cannot compare to the sorrow of all those involved. The sorrow is far reaching. It affects those in all kinds of public safety jobs, from all around the country. And you know who else? That rat bastard's family. He is someones son, maybe someones husband, or a father. There is another whole family destroyed. Granted, it may not have been much to begin with, but the fact remains he is dead too. And someone has to live with killing him. True, it is what they are trained to do, but taking a life is taking a life.

I could go on, but it doesn't get me anywhere. Grief is grief.

Disgusting. Disturbing. Senseless. Sad. Just plain sad.

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Wentworth Family Blog said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I too thought about how I would feel dispatching that morning for Lakewood PD. I am saddened....to put it lightly.