Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fooled again

The cousins last night

The cousins on Bubba's birthday
Ahhhhh, I'm on vacation from work for a few days and its kind of nice. Sort of different than usual and I don't know why. Its a good different. I just can't pinpoint what is is or why. But its good. Peaceful. Quiet. Nice.

It's not like I have NOTHING to do ... we had a Christmas party at my Mom's last night, a party at my MIL's tonite and our own family stuff on Christmas day, plus maybe visiting with my SIL's extended family on Christmas day. But its just that things feel calmer than usual for the holidays. I have nothing left to do but just enjoy which is really nice!

We had a nice time at my Mom's last night! My brother and his new (5 month old) daughter were there. I am such a loser-aunt, I have not even met her yet (yeah, they live about a mile away .... LOSER) but she was smitten with me! And I with her. She has SO MUCH HAIR! and such a yummy chubby face, her daddy's eyes and a sweet temperament. She looked like a little Santa's helper in her Christmas outfit. Very cute.

My Honey MADE me open my Christmas present(s) early. Which reminded me of the year he proposed, on Christmas Eve, before we went to any family dinners. I will never forget going to his surrogate parents' house (you know the kind, your best friends parents that you have called "mom & dad" since you can remember?) "Mom" opened the door and said "well let me see the ring!!!" She was very excited for us.

Anyway, he had bought a box of Frangos, carefully opened it, hidden the ring box inside, and that was my Christmas present. I didn't realize the ring box was inside the Frango box, he had to ask me if I wanted to eat one. Funny thing was I had actually looked the package over to see if it had been tampered with and judged the weight to make sure that is what it was (I am an EXPERT snooper) and it looked and felt just right to me! He's a good fooler!

Fast forward 19 Christmases, he fooled me again. Inside the box for my new iPod-stereo-thing was a new iTouch!!! YAY! He had to tell me to open it all the way, so I was expecting a CD inside, HA! Fooler! Good work :) Again. That's My Honey.
Thanks Love :)

** 4 pm **
I just gotta say I rock! I got the stereo set up, working, playing cd's, radio or my Touch, just need one connector thing to hook it to the TV. Got my Touch all sync'd AND figured out how to get pictures on it too! Next step, video. Kids were pretty good all day, getting ready for dinner at the MIL's house. Bottle of wine chilling for after. Ready for a nice quiet evening!

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LSL said...

Those are some hyper kids! :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Glad you've had a nice day.