Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nearly the end

The girls
My kids and Cousin Hunter
One more Christmas to go. I keep thinking "this is the last one" but then one more relative that has presents calls. The last one is my step-dad. Is he still my step-dad if he and my mom are divorced? He visits nearly every Christmas, brings the kids a present. Really a sweet guy. He is bringing his girlfriend this year...

We celebrated at my sister in law's yesterday. It was bittersweet. Her father in law passed away on the 20th. There were lots of "firsts." The most poignant was the first family dinner where he didn't bless the meal.

All in all, a very relaxing Christmas. Why? Because I didn't work. What a difference THAT made! Note to self: TAKE CHRISTMAS OFF EVERY YEAR. Too late for next year, but I did manage to get the week before off which should also help.

We had a fun family day today. Once I got up and go going that is. No one bothered me till I got out of bed at 1030! Another reason to take time off! We went to some after-Christmas sales. New towels anyone? Fred Meyer rocks!

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