Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Third Monday

Maybe I should have taken pictures? It didn't even occur to me!

Bubba and I spend the day together. Miss I had preschool and was at day care all day so it was just us. Just like the old days. When he was 3 & 4 years old we would go out for lunch pretty regularly and hang out downtown. So that's what we did. We dropped Miss I off, got ourselves lattes (hot chocolate for him) and then set out for the Y. My Honey had forgotten his wallet, cell phone and nitro (you never know)so we dropped that off then walked downtown. We checked out a few shops, had lunch then he got to hang out at grandmas for awhile because I had an appointment for a massage. (Ahhhh! I dozed off several times.) I picked him up, we did some more shopping then headed home.

I was getting ready to go get Miss I when Bubba asked me the question of the day. The year really.... "Can I stay at home while you go." *gulp* really?

It makes sense, he's EIGHT now and he has a new Nintendo DS. I could pretty much walk out the door and he wouldn't notice while he is playing! Anyway, it was a moment; my son who doesn't like to go upstairs to his room alone, wants to say at the house alone while I drive away in the car for 15 minutes. Yes, he got to stay home. And he did fine. Until he got hungry 3 minutes after I left, then he called me to see what he could have for a snack!

All in all a really fun day. Now we're into day two of vacation. Both kids are home today, so far so good. Too bad there isn't any snow! Thankfully its nice so the kids can go outside and play.

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