Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh three to oh seven

There's this shift at work that goes from three in the morning until one in the afternoon (03-13). I worked the three am to seven am part of that this morning (and last Tuesday, and next Tuesday and the Tuesday after.) EXHAUSTING.

The thing about it is getting ample sleep the night before, eating enough during the day and getting to bed early the night of. So far I have failed all three. I have gotten a few little naps today tho, so that helps, but I feel kind of bad for Miss I. I got home at 7 and she was still asleep so I left her in bed while I took a little nap ... even after she woke up. Then I made us all take a nap/rest time even though I was the only one that napped. Sad, I know.

It is good practice. I switch to the 03-13 shift soon and I work it nearly all year.

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