Friday, November 07, 2008

A Prost:

I like a Widmer Brothers brew called "Drop Top". They are pretty clever and put stuff on their bottle caps.

The past couple caps I have popped have said
"A Prost: To Pete's Sake" because what would we do without it? And
"A Prost: To Sleeping In." Now THAT one I can drink to!

It was an exciting day at work today. Apparently drinking and driving is a favorite past time lately. The last two nights almost all our law enforcement agencies have had a DUI arrest or two. But this is what happened that made it kind of an unusual day today.

We are a quick acting lot and trained a local camera to the river to try and find our jumper. Then we watched the rescue boat yard him out of the water. They FLEW to the boat launch as they worked him. Unfortunately not every story in my job has a happy ending. In fact, very few do. Sometimes I wonder how I handle it. Pretty much its a sick sense of humor that gets us through. Not everyone can handle it.

On a brighter note, we bought Miss I a birthday gift today (a Dora chair all for herself!) I wrote up a menu and shopped for the next week or so, the house cleaner came and did her fabulous job, laundry isn't too far behind and .... My sister is coming over tomorrow! All in all its going to be a great weekend!

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