Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crimaney sakes

We are going out of town tomorrow!!!

I have so much to do!!!!

Actually, I'm not that stressed about it. Maybe because I had a massage this morning? What a better way to start my vacation! I did get all the stuff that could be set out to be loaded in the car (snack foods, toys, arts & crafts stuff) put in the garage, ready to be packed after the suitcases and stuff. Once they're packed it shouldn't take too long and then we're off first thing in the morning. Hopefully no later than 9.

Miss I, my mom and my aunt went to lunch together on Monday. She thought the sparkly thing on her straw was THE BEST! The look on her face was so cute I took a picture. Isn't she adorable? Our time in Starbucks is paying off, she almost made it through lunch! Used to be I couldn't take her to a restaurant because she had no manners. So I thought to myself "how do I teach her manners?" Take her to restaurants right? So we started small, 10 minutes or so at Starbucks. We are up to a half hour now and she did really well on Monday. Persistence pays off.

Time to pick up Bubba. Only a half-day of school today. Think I will take the kids to McDonalds for lunch.

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