Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's almost over.

This work week has seemed to last forever!

Tomorrow, a short OT shift on Tuesday and then it's vacation time again.

I am really looking forward to going to the Islands. It's quiet, on the ocean, secluded, uninterrupted, non-rushed, all that stuff you look for in a getaway. Well, the stuff I look for anyway. I hope to read a good book or two, try a new wine or two, eat a good meal or two and do some much needed computer updating (did I mention that there's wi-fi there?) You know, little stuff like backing up years worth of files, updating my whatever subscription for getting virus' out. That kind of stuff.

I came home from work today wondering if there might be a fire burning because it was kind of chilly. Sure enough, I pulled into the driveway welcomed by a thin stream of smoke from the chimney :) And the house was cleaned up! Living room put together, dishes done, it was very nice. Thanks kids and Honey for getting it all cleaned up for me.

Miss I's fever broke. I was a little concerned when it topped 104 degrees last night, so I called the doctor. He gave me the usual "if shes acting okay and the fever goes down with motrin/tylenol, then I won't make you bring her in tonight. But if her fever is over 100 tomorrow morning, I want to see her." Thankfully when he called back this morning (yes! he actually called to check on her this morning) the fever was just at 100 and she was acting like a new child. Eating, drinking and being merry. She took a long nap and hasn't had any medicine since early this morning. Yay Miss I! Now lets just pray that Bubba doesn't catch it. I better remember to take the meds with us on Thursday just in case.

Time to order Tai, get eating and get to bed, I have to work at 3 am again tomorrow.

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