Saturday, November 29, 2008


We always bring too much food to Guemes! We even took pictures one year to remind us to bring less the next year. Ha ha ha....

This year not only do we have a TON of leftover food, we have a shit-load of leftover booze! Holy cow! No need to worry though, we are going to go through as much as possible tonight.

Over Memorial weekend when we were here there was a masseuse. She was fabulous! I tried to call before we arrived this weekend to make reservations for us to get massages, but the website doesn't have a phone number on it?? What the hell? Anyway, I thought of it yesterday, checked at the office and what do you know? They had a couple openings. YAY! I booked the two open slots and told them if there were any other cancellations to let us know. Turns out three of us were able to get massages. Ahhhhh! So nice. And they hire quality people too! I love a good massage! Love it!

So our plans for the last few hours here: relax, drink and eat. Perfect.

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