Monday, November 24, 2008

Ahhhh, the things I can accomplish when I set my mind to it!

I re-arranged the living room today. Between the time I wrote that last post and this one. Granted the living room isn't that big, but I did a good vacuum job and moved nearly every piece of furniture (2 chairs, ottoman, TV/DVD player, bookcase, coffee tables, couch, plants, lamps) so that counts for something! AND theres even room for a Christmas tree if I can find a new home for a pile of kids toys. Maybe the Goodwill? Maybe their bedrooms? AHHH, novel idea isn't it?

I made a nice place to watch the fire, I put the TV in a new place that I like better because we can watch it comfortably from the couch and I was even able to leave a little table/chair thing set up for the kids to draw. Not bad.

Like I said, when I got home yesterday My Honey had moved a chair over in front of the fire for me, but what I forgot to mention was the sign Bubba made for me. It reads "Hoetel! of! Pees! quieit" (hotel of peace and quiet) He's really got the silent e thing down if you ask me. Not sure why all the exclamation points but it was cute. Very thoughtful.

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