Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a little time

I have a few minutes right now where I can squeeze this in instead of fixing Miss I her lunch. Priorities, right?

Speaking of priorities, I totally didn't get any laundry done yesterday. Want to know why? I was lurking around other blogs instead. I have no idea how long I was online wasting time, but when I finally realized what I HADN'T done yesterday I was a little appalled at myself. Oh well, its not like it happens every week...

Today Bubba has an eye appointment at 2:45 so I have to pick him up from school early, take Miss I to grandmas, get him across town to the appointment, then high-tail it to Karate, pick up Miss I, get home for dinner (which I really need to work on soon), bedtime and stuff. Its going to be a busy afternoon.

I had fun in Bubba's class today. I should have taken my glasses though. I was threading a thin gold thread through a small wire loop, talk about blinding. I can't do that stuff anymore without my spectacles. Sad isn't it?! I should be thankful, I got away without wearing glasses for 35 years and I don't have to wear them all the time (although that day is probably not far off).

When I get to the school, they are usually working on some kind of writing project. These past couple weeks they have been writing a "Thankful" paper using "transition" words. Ex. First I am thankful for .... second I am thankful for .... last I am thankful for... It is very cute to see what the kids write. Of course, Mom and Dad are on most lists, one little guy was thankful for God, another for the ocean, a few were thankful for sisters or brothers one for her cousin. Very cute.

I like how they are teaching the kids to use an idea sheet before they start their papers. The Thanksgiving idea sheet had 4 boxes where they can draw a picture and then they write words or sentences to remind them why they are thankful. Then they write complete sentences on another sheet of paper. Its hard to imagine in first grade that they are already learning about topic sentences and brainstorming. I swear it was high school before I learned that stuff!

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