Thursday, July 01, 2010

This is the life

I think I have mentioned before that I love Lake Chelan. It is my favorite place EVER. It relaxes me just driving into town and smelling the smell of the lake. Luckily my sister is up here this week so I get to spend some time chillin this weekend while the new carpet is being installed.

YES! You read that right, the carpet and vinyl are being installed! I left yesterday, took one last look around my bare-wooded floors and the old vinyl and thought "this will all be different when I get back." And I was happy about that! I am also very happy that we get to have my niece's birthday party-BBQ at our house on Sunday. She is a 4th of July baby and its my honor and pleasure to have the party at my house!

Bubba was invited to spend part of the week (without me) up in Chelan, so Miss I and I ran him up here Monday after work. It was nearly 8 when we left to go home and the sun was setting as we pulled into town around 9. I noticed the sunset was very pretty and then I hear Miss I exclaim "Mama, what is that?"
"What do you see?" I ask her
"The sky is all pink. And its following us!"
It was a mom-moment for me. Once in a while a kid will have a new awareness of something and its always a thrill to my mom-soul. This was one of those moments (my daughter is noticing a sunset ...)
I told her it was the sunset and she asked if we could stop and watch it. So we did. Another precious moment. I pulled over and we watched for a few minutes. She leaned her head against the seat and sighed. It was so cute.

"Fanks mom."

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Dave2 said...

Even though I live fairly near Lake Chelan, I almost never find the time to go. It's sad, because I remember all the great Summers I spent there as a kid.