Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Day Before

I'm going to chill today. Sit back, relax, and pray the wind goes away.

We went out to dinner last night at Olive Garden. My Honey hadn't been there yet so I warned him there would probably be a wait time. Sure enough, at 6 ish on a Friday night there was. Fortunately there was a table open in the bar. Unfortunately the bar service was poor last night. For some reason they didn't notice us sit down? Oh well, it all worked out just fine, we had a nice dinner.

After dinner My Honey suggested maybe we should go to a show. I called the babysitter-Auntie and she said no problem, go to the show. We checked out all our options (because the two theaters are only a few miles apart) and decided on "Grown Ups" mostly due to the fact we had no idea what the other films were and we didn't want to see "Toy Story" or "Despicable Me" without the kids. We had about 30 minutes to kill so My Honey says to me, "how bout we park at the theater and go get a drink." So we walked down to the bar, had a drink, then walked back to the theater.

Funny film, then again, I love Adam Sandler, so it was a no-brainer. It was just an easy, slow, cute film.

All in all a nice (day before our) anniversary.

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Misty Viebrock said...

What a sweet night. I'm glad you two got some "together" time.