Monday, July 12, 2010

Sleepy time

Mmmmm, I started night shift on Saturday night. 5pm-3am.

Sunday morning I woke to Miss I coming in to tell me "Mommy, I leave today for Portland, I am so excited." At 6am. Then she woke me again at 8:30 when she actually left with Grandma. I hope she has a blast. She went down to spend the week with Grandma and Auntie and her younger cousins. I hope Grandma survives three kids under 4 years old for several days while my SIL works!

Then at noonish, Bubba came in to invite me to lunch with him and My Honey. So I went. We had a nice drive in the Jeep (with the top off) and lunch at Sonic. Not a do-over in the summer. All they have is outdoor seating and it was already one hundred degrees out. We drove out to take a look at the giant raging wild land fire burning just outside of town too. That didn't last long either, again it was one hundred degrees out and really not that exciting to watch from across the river. Night time would have been a different story!

I've had a little sleep today, but I think I will head back to bed for another nap, since I can!

******** EEEK!!!!! *******
I just realized that I should really do a workout, the Tri is on SUNDAY.

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